Pasta Sauce Made By Jon Bon Jovi’s Dad

BonGiovi Pasta Sauce
All Photos By Gail

Hey what’s up. I just got back from a long day spent grazing my way through the Summer Fancy Food Show, which is taking over Javits Convention Center here in Manhattan through Tuesday July 1st. What a fun show! You always arrive home with a full tummy and an even fuller bag of delicious food samples from vendors, literally, all over the globe. This year, I was very happy and surprised to meet John Bongiovi, whose son fronts a eponymous, rather well known rock band, but spells the family name a bit differently. Artistic license!

John Sr, was at Fancy Food to shill for the family Pasta Sauce business, and my pal Anne and I had the chance to not only taste their delicious sauce over a bit of perfectly cooked pasta, but we also got to chat a bit with Mr. Bongiovi, who is super nice and quite handsome. If I were ten years older and he was single, I would be all over it.

John BonGiovi Sr

The Bongiovi Pasta Sauce Booth was raffling off this awesome Les Paul guitar signed by John Jr. It looks like a nice guitar. Anne and I made him pose with it.

BonGiovi Pasta Sauce Ad

Visit Bongiovi Brand Dot Com to find out where you can buy this delicious sauce in your area!

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