Tim Ripley Presents Biomorph at Denise Bibro Fine Art

Tim Ripley Biomorph Print
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I was initially attracted to the art of Tim Ripley due to it’s resemblance to the layered paint-drip works of Omar Chacon. Click that link and you’ll see what I mean. What I discovered when I arrived at Denise Bibro Fine Art  — a gallery space that I had never visited before, despite the fact that it is in the same building as Jonathan LeVine — is that while there are some basic visual similarities between the art of Chacon and Ripley, the artists are working in very different creative spaces.

Tim Ripley Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet

Ripley’s latest exhibit, Biomorph, is a mix of sculptures and digitally rendered prints of his colorful, organic creations. In his second exhibit at Denise Bibro, Ripley continues to employ his complex, multi-layer process of sculpting, photographing, digital rendering, and eventually painting his refined oil on panel paintings.

Tim Ripley Biomorph Print

Tim Ripley Biomorph Sculptures

Tim Ripley Biomorph Sculpture

His works explore the ideas of biological and mechanical reproduction. His new candy-colored polymer sculptures are comprised of thousands of tiny structures in polymer clay that are attached to the larger sculpted biomorphic surface. In a manner that references complex growth systems, his narratives involve “mitosis, mutations, inequality, and rebellion.”

Tim Ripley Biomorph Print

This a fun show that’s also “Family Friendly,” which is good to know!

Tim Ripley’s Biomorph will be on Exhibit Through October 25th, 2014 at Denise Bibro Fine Art,Located at 529 West 20th Street, Suite 4W, NYC, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Tim Ripley Biomorph Sculpture

Tim Ripley Biomorph Prints

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  1. All these little colorful goodies remind me of Claymation. I expect them to come alive at any moment.

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