Make Your Sneakers Fly with Shwings

Shwings Wings and Heart
All Photos By Gail

Hey what’s up. I want to talk to you about my new sneakers. Not too long ago, I was given a couple of pairs of Shwings ‘shoe wings’ accessories to write about for The Gig. And then, even more recently, my friend Heather gave me a new pair of Hot Pink Converse sneakers. So, that was pretty good timing, because it meant I could put the Shwings on the Sneakers and make with the blogging. Win Win!

Pink Converse Sneakers

These are the sneakers that Heather gave me. How rad are they? Heather is the best. Not only do they look great but they fit perfectly and feel like little clouds on my feet.

One Shoe Shwing

This is my right foot in the Pink Converse Sneaker with the black studded Shwing laced onto the shoe. Don’t I look like I could take off and fly around the room? Sure I do.

Shoes with Shwings

These Shwings make my new shoes look completely fucking insane. I love them.

But you know what they say: Shwings. Makes old shoes new. Makes new shoes fly.

I believe this statement to be true.

In the two years since its inception, the Shwings brand has expanded to worldwide distribution and has grown from just twelve wings to over 150 styles in an array of fun shapes and colors.  Shwings accessories can now be found in a variety of retailers, from luxury boutiques and concept stores to your local toy shop or convenience store. Shwings has gained worldwide popularity as a fun, affordable brand for people of all ages. You can also shop online for Shwings at This Link! Shwings bring smiles to people’s faces and fill them with a warm fuzzy feeling — life is FUN.

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