Tahiti Pehrson’s Pareidolia at Joseph Gross Gallery

Tahiti Pehrson
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Geoffrey and I were taking a Saturday afternoon cruise through the many galleries whose openings we’d missed the previous Thursday, when everybody had an opening, and we stumbled into one of our favorite places, the Joseph Gross Gallery — where something unique is always going on. This is what we saw:

Tahitit Pehrson Suspended

Pretty cool right? This is the work of California-based artist Tahiti Pehrson, who has been creating geometrical hand cut paper layered into three-dimensional structures for fifteen years. That’s right: hand cut.

Tahitit Pehrson Suspended 2

Tahitit Pehrson Suspended Detail

Imagine how long it takes to make all of those tiny, precise cuts by hand. Talk about taking the old school approach.

Wall Sculptures


Here’s a super close-up shot so you can really see the attention to detail paid to these doily-like works. I looked up the exhibit’s title, Pareidolia, because I wanted to find out if it had anything to do with actual doilies, and this is what I learned:

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists. Pareidolia can cause people to interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadow, as faces.



Heating Grate

What is funny is that after looking at the these artworks for a few minutes, I started seeing similar patterns all over, such as the above image of the heating grate on the gallery windowsill. Cool.

Pareidolia, a solo exhibition by Tahiti Pehrson, will be on Exhibit Through October 3rd at Joseph Gross Gallery / Art Now New York, Located at 548 West 28th Street, #232, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Tahitit Pehrson Signage

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