Video Clip of The Week: Ride, “Charm Assault”

Hey, did you know that ’90s British Alt-Rock sensation Ride has reunited with all four of the original members? This actually happened a few years ago, but I am not exactly in the loop of the hipster music nerds when it comes to ‘whats going on’ with bands from back-in-the day, so I just found out when I got the rad link to a new Ride video called “Charm Assault.” It may have been a long time coming but, trust me, this one was worth waiting for.

Aurally, “Charm Assault” is pure sensory bliss, filled with chiming guitars and locomotive drums that will cause a tingling in the nether regions of anyone who gets a little stiffy when they hear The Smiths or Stone Roses. The lyrics, which are just fluid enough to allow for personal interpretation, find Ride railing at the “focused, raw, reptilian ambition” of certain unspecified people in power, who “set fire to your world, and let it burn.” Yeah, I think we all know someone whom may apply to, although I hardly find him charming.

Directed by Jean de Oliveira, the clip was conceived by infamous acid casualty Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), so the engaging visual bombardment of muted psychedelia is fully appropriate to the pastiche. Well-played.

“Charm Assault” can be found on Ride’s upcoming, first album of new material in 20 years, Weather Diaries (due out on June 16th, 2017 via Wichita Recordings). The album was mixed by studio legend Alan Moulder, so you know it sounds amazing, because the magic is in the mix! Enjoy!

Ride Charm Assault Video Still

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