East Village Life: Photos of Social Distancing From My Neighborhood Walks!

Cure Covid Meme
Brilliant Cure Covid Meme: Origin Unknown. All Other Non-Meme Images By Gail

Hello and welcome to week four of My Covid East Village Life! This week we are checking in with the act of Social Distancing, Masking-up, and related Covid Memes! Fun!  Let’s get to isolating!

Mask Instructions Meme

First off, if you’re not wearing a fucking mask every time you leave your house, I have ZERO sympathy for you if you get the virus.

trader joes mascot beary

A Trader Joe’s market opened in my immediate neighborhood earlier this year and shopping there for delicious food has allowed me to keep my shit together. Like most stores, TJ‘s began requiring customers to wear face masks a week or so into lockdown; which I have no problem complying with, because I am not a selfish cunt. Even Beary, the store’s mascot, is masked-up, as we all should be.

delphine in fancy mask photo by gail

This mask with Red Rringe — worn by my very fashionable neighbor, Delphine — is definitely the fanciest face-covering I’ve seen.

dog in a mask photo by gail worley

Tiny dog, which I was told is a Miniature Pinscher, in a mask, spotted in the East River Park. He is saying: “Mask-up, Bitches!”

mask graffiti photo by gail worley

Mask graffiti on the LES.

Attn Runners Flyer Photo By Gail

Flyer seen in my neighborhood. Zero sympathy for the Chads and Karens as well.

wear a mask sign at duane reade photo by gail

Rules like this make me feel safer. Thank you, NYC, for giving a shit!

Covid Traffic Warning Photo By Gail Worley

There is literally no excuse for not knowing the rules.

This Post Is Observing Social Distancing! More Photos After the Jump!

social distance grocery store sign photo by gail worley

Your shopping cart adds several feet of distance automatically. Thank god!

social distancing wheat paste photo by gail

This pair of social-distancing-themed paste-ups (above and below) were spotted around the corner from each other in Alphabet City, but they were vandalized pretty quickly. People can be such dicks.

social distancing wheat paste photo by gail

we can do hard things photo by gail worley

Yes, we can!

deserted L train platform photo by gail worley

Deserted L Train Platform, 14th Street and First Avenue Stop, at 1:30 PM on a Friday.

social distancing at stuytown fountain photo by gail worley

This lady is multi-tasking while social distancing at the Stuyvestant Town fountain: Getting some sun and making calls!

sunbather at container car photo by gail worley

Here’s another sunbather by a container car!

storefront social distancing photo by gail worley

He’s in his own little world.

social distancing photo by gail worley

Social Distancing: You Are Doing It Right.

phoebe ny by gail worley

Timely Advice from Phoebe NY.

social distancing photo by gail worley

It’s simple, but it says it.

bus shelter photo by gail worley

New York City Will Bounce Back!

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