Eye On Design: Holiday Face Masks From Pomchies!

pomchies pom mask assortment photo by gail worley
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The Holiday Season is upon us and, as predicted, we’re still wearing face masks to keep ourselves and others safe from the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Masks are now a part of everyday life, so it makes sense that consumer mask design continuously evolves to create products that are more comfortable, effective, and — very important — stylish. Previously here on The ‘Gig, we reviewed a line of fashion and lifestyle accessories from Pomchies, a certified woman-owned company with an interesting back-story.

pomchies holiday hair scrunchies photo by gail
Pomchies Hair Scrunchies 3-Pack in Holiday Colors

Heather Logan Clark created Pomchies in 2002 out of a desire to utilize swimsuit material remnants from her previous swimwear company. All Pomchies products are created using the highest quality swimwear fabric that is durable, waterproof, washable, reasonably priced and also eco-friendly. Earlier in 2020, Pomchies launched its Pom Mask line in quick response to the need for comfortable, breathable facial masks at the onset of Covid-19, and the company is now celebrating the sale of two million masks in just seven months!

pom masks holly berry duo photo by gail worley
Pomchies Pom Mask 2-Pack in Seasonal Holly Berry Print and Coordinating Gold Fabric

Thanks to popular demand for these easy-wearing masks, Pomchies has released a line of fun and cheerful seasonal holiday masks for all ages. Worleygig received a few sets of these masks for review on the blog and we are loving them!

green plaid and green solid fabric pom mask photo by gail worley

Clark offers that the new mask patterns and hues “make mask-wearing more fun and approachable, for both kids and adults who love to match their masks with their outfits or moods. Our new seasonal and holiday lines have something for everyone.”

red and green pom masks photo by gail worley
silver and snowflake pom mask photo by gail wortley

As a person who finds the KN95 mask to be the most comfortable and effective mask to wear in NYC, I have been adding one of the colorful Pom Masks to the outside my KN95 when I go out. The Pom Mask not only makes a fun fashion statement, but the added layer of protection can extend the life of  the KN95 mask, which is desirable. The Pom Mask easily fits over the KN95 with no discomfort or added pressure on your ears.

pom mask over kn95 mask photo by gail
Snowflake-Patterned Pom Mask Worn Over a KN95 Mask

New patterns and hues for fall, winter, Christmas and Hannukah include pinecones, blues and golds, buffalo and tartan plaids, snowflakes, stars, and holly berry patterns. Now wearers can also match their Pom Mask with a correlating seasonal scrunchie or headband!

pom masks fabrics photo by gail worley

Two-packs of Pom Masks sell for just $10.95 per pack, and include either one patterned mask and one solid fabric mask in a coordinating color; two different solid colors, or two masks of the same solid color. Each handmade mask is produced with comfortable, machine washable and breathable swimwear fabric making it both functional and fashionable.  Buy your Pom Masks in time for holiday wearing and gift-giving now at This Link!

red plain and gold pom mask photo by gail worley

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