Ceramic Mosaics on East 3rd Street

united we stand mosaic photo by gail worley
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Each day in NYC there is something to newly discover, no matter how long it’s been there.  I am rarely on the block of East 3rd Street between Avenues A and B, but I had occasion to walk that block during this past Sunday’s lovely snow storm. Because I always have an eye peeled for things that might be fun for the blog, I made the charming discovery that most of the buildings on the north side of the block (because that is the side I was on) have these cute and colorful ceramic tile mosaics on their facades, mostly around the doorways and near the steps.

letter g mosaic photo by gail worley
It’s a G Thing

I’m not positive, but my guess is that these are the work of Jim Powers, aka the Mosaic Man, since he is responsible for most of the ceramic mosaics in the East Village. The mosaics are made from bits of tiles, marbles, broken china, mirror shards, bottles and other assorted found objects. They are beautiful and amazing works of art.

eye and apple mosaic photo by gail worley

I love how this one incorporates the remnants of not-one-but-two eyes (look closely) and the handle of a coffee mug.

mosaic detail photo by gail worley

Can you find the face of a discarded kitchen timer on this one?

tile mosaic photo by gail worley

aquarium and camera mosaic photo by gail worleymosaic pig photo by gail worley

I see a Pig, but it might also be a Cat.

peacock feather mosaic photo by gail worley

Creating this multi-colored Peacock Feather from many tiny ceramic shards obviously took many hours. Worth it.

yellow cab mosaic photo by gail worley

This Yellow Checkered Cab can be seen in the top photo of this post. So clever.

comedy tragedy masks mosaic photo by gail worley

A very fresh and fun take on the Comedy and Tragedy Masks!

east 3rd street photo by gail worley

Find These Mosaics and More on East Third Street Between A and B in the East Village, NYC!

red bird photo by gail worley

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