Why Choose an Acoustic-Electric Violin?

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In the music industry, singers and songwriters also invest in choosing and buying high-quality instruments. According to some research, knowing how to play a musical instrument can enhance an individual’s tune. Aside from that, it also enhances your brain functions.

If you’re an aspiring musician and would like to learn to play a musical instrument, perhaps you can consider acoustic-electric violins. This instrument gives the best of both worlds as it is composed of an acoustic violin body but with a more amplified sound. Regarding the genres you can play, an acoustic-electric violin has more diverse options as it can play acoustic as well as other genres such as rock, and experimental music.

In this article, readers will know why aspiring musicians should choose an acoustic-electric violin  among other types of musical instruments available in the market.

List of reasons to choose an Acoustic-Electric Violin

Buying a musical instrument must have multiple acceptable and practical reasons before deciding to acquire them. Therefore, here are some of the probable reasons to help you decide if you should choose an acoustic-electric violin:

  • Affordable pricing, not exceeding $5,000 and above.
  • It offers the best quality like the structure, style, color, etc.
  • Allows recording and headphone jack feature. It is suitable for using amplifiers; gigantic speakers usually present in events, etc.
  • The sound quality is endearing and promising, especially when playing romantic music to serenade a specific person.
  • It has a better shoulder-rest system which is a big deal for a violinist.

Best Brands for Acoustic-Electric Violin

When purchasing, it is essential to check the brand. Prices may depend on the brand name and also the quality of instruments. Here are some known brands of electric-acoustic violins trusted by many buyers for the past years:

Barcus Berry

Vibrato AE Series

  • It has multiple styles like Tuxedo, Blue, Piano Black, etc.

BB-100 Legendary Series

  • It has very fine-made ebony fittings, Rosin, and Carbon-Fiber row.

Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric 5-String Violin
Glasser AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric 5-String Violin


AEX Carbon Composite Acoustic Electric Violin 4 or 5 string

  • It has a carbon-graphite bow, and its body is carbon-composite.


Carbon-Fiber Evo Line 

  • Lightweight
  • Long hours of usage, 
  • Fast connection with the amplifier

Carbon-Fiber Design Line

  • Fine-tuning pegs and tailpiece
  • Ebony-like features

Evo Hybrid

  • It comes with a Despiaux Bridge, Pirastro Tonica Strings, and Wittner fine-tuning pegs.


Yamaha YSV104 

  • Good playability and ideal blend for users
  • Silent violin features

Yamaha SV-200

  • It has two-outputs
  • A spruce body
  • An EQ mode switch,
  • Dual piezo pickups placed under the bridge
  • Ebony made fingerboard
  • A maple neck.

Yamaha SV-250/255

  • It has dual pickups.
  • A spruce top
  • A control box with inputs
  • With significant volume, and 
  • A hollow enclosed chamber


OB1 Violin

  • Easy and comfortable to play
  • Solid quality built
  • It has a clear and projected sound quality
  • Excellent durability

fiddlerman master 5 string
Fiddlerman Master 5-String Violin

5-String Master Violin

  • Estimated useful life of 10 years
  • Deep and powerful sounds
  • An ebony fingerboard
  • Guarneri pattern
  • The tonewoods are Spruce and Maple, dried for so many years.
  • Used Maker’s Choice/Thomastik Vision Strings

To sum it up, choosing an acoustic-electric violin is a good idea as it offers several attractive features, from its physical appearance up to its high-quality function. However, the decision would still be up to you. Also, in learning any musical instrument, one must have the discipline and patience to persevere. No matter how great or high-quality your instrument is, if you don’t have the determination to succeed, you won’t be able to progress.

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