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You might have heard a cautionary tale about how, when it comes to dental health, it’s not sugar you need to be wary of, but food acids, because that’s what causes tooth decay. I’ve been advised by my dentist to avoid brushing too soon after drinking acidic beverages such as soda, orange juice or even wine, because they can make your tooth enamel extra susceptible to erosion. Just being serious. Keeping his advice in mind, I will usually wait an hour or so to brush after eating an acidic food, and drink a glass of water to rinse my teeth of any excess food residue, but that isn’t necessarily providing your teeth the level of protection they need every day. What are you gonna do? Here’s what.

Elementa Nano Silver is a line of entirely new oral health products that protect your teeth by neutralizing food acids, and go beyond the benefits of fluoride by effectively breaking down dental plaque, and even remineralizing the tooth surface – amazing! A few weeks ago, I received the Elementa Nano Silver Tooth Gel, and their Mouth Rinse, to review for the blog, and here’s what you need to know about these very appealing products — because now that we can go (mostly) mask-less, we want our mouths to be as fresh as possible!

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The fact is, our teeth need help. Every day they are under a constant barrage of acid that’s released by a resilient group of bacteria that form a film over the entire surface of your teeth (what we know as plaque). The plaque barrier keeps the acid in, while keeping desperately needed calcium out. The worst part is that traditional products can’t penetrate this barrier, so it’s not surprising that 92% of Americans suffer from some form of tooth decay, despite the huge array of oral care products on the market.

What makes Elementa products revolutionary? Let’s break it down.

Formulated by a team of dentists, the brand uses cutting edge, patent-pending nanoparticles of silver (a natural antibacterial used for centuries) technology in its oral care products to drastically increase the ability to deliver crucial ingredients such as calcium and Xylitol to the tooth. A carefully-designed nano silver solution has the unique ability to neutralize oral acids and healthily reset plaque environment. All this without the strong, scorching feeling we experience by competitor brands. All-natural oral care that’s proven to be non-toxic, the products are 250% more effective than fluoride in remineralizing teeth. Even better: Elementa Nano Silver also whitens your teeth!

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Elementa tooth gel doesn’t get very foamy in your mouth, because it’s made without a lot chemicals. For those who are sensitive to the very strong peppermint taste of some toothpastes, the Winter Mint-flavored gel has a mild, pleasant taste that leaves your mouth feeling surprisingly clean and fresh.

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This Small Amount of Mouth Rinse Does The Job!

Elementa Mouth Rinse contains these same Nano Silver particles which target bacteria that emit sulfur gas and cause bad breath, and the Xylitol improves salivary flow and relieves dry mouth symptoms (also a known cause of bad breath). It tastes great, does not burn your mouth, and you don’t need much for it to be effective. I also want to point out that the label slips right off the Mouth Rinse bottle with just a snip of the scissors, revealing this lovely brushed-aluminum bottle (seen above), which can be repurposed as a water bottle once the product is finished!

The Elementa Nano Silver oral care line, available in four flavors including Peppermint, Winter Mint, Cinnamon Clove, and Honey Sweet, is available online at Elementa Silver, via Amazon, and they can also can be found in your local Albertsons, Sprouts, and Harris Teeter. Cheers to a healthier mouth!

elementa nano silver products photo by gail worley

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