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Product Review: Elementa Nano Silver Dental Care

nano silver dental products photo by gail worley
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You might have heard a cautionary tale about how, when it comes to dental health, it’s not sugar you need to be wary of, but food acids, because that’s what causes tooth decay. I’ve been advised by my dentist to avoid brushing too soon after drinking acidic beverages such as soda, orange juice or even wine, because they can make your tooth enamel extra susceptible to erosion. Just being serious. Keeping his advice in mind, I will usually wait an hour or so to brush after eating an acidic food, and drink a glass of water to rinse my teeth of any excess food residue, but that isn’t necessarily providing your teeth the level of protection they need every day. What are you gonna do? Here’s what.

Elementa Nano Silver is a line of entirely new oral health products that protect your teeth by neutralizing food acids, and go beyond the benefits of fluoride by effectively breaking down dental plaque, and even remineralizing the tooth surface – amazing! A few weeks ago, I received the Elementa Nano Silver Tooth Gel, and their Mouth Rinse, to review for the blog, and here’s what you need to know about these very appealing products — because now that we can go (mostly) mask-less, we want our mouths to be as fresh as possible!

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Help Avoid The Spread Of Germs By Replacing Your Toothbrush With Dr. Plotka’s Mouthwatchers!

Dr. Plotka's Blue Travel Toothbrush By Gail Worley
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The ritual of Spring Cleaning can include many different tasks. While we typically associate the phrase with doing a deep-cleaning of our homes, or sorting through our closets to donate any items that no longer fit or ‘spark joy,’ spring cleaning can also mean making a point to replace often-used personal items such as pillows or toothbrushes. In a time when we are all taking extra care to wash our hands and avoid the spread of germs, you may not even realize that your toothbrush can be a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s scary, but it’s true; and if you are replacing your toothbrush only  when you visit your dentist for your twice-yearly routine cleaning, you may be putting your health at risk.

Dr Plotkas Brochure Cover By Gail

I was recently sent a new travel toothbrush from Dr. Plotka’s Mouthwatchers, an oral hygiene brand which aims to reduce the spread of germs that can come from your toothbrush. Invented by a dentist and employing an embedded silver technology, Dr. Plotka’s Mouthwatchers toothbrushes eliminate 99% of bacteria from the bristles within 6 hours after using the brush.

Mouth Watchers Toothbrush By Gail Worley

Since the model I received is a travel-style design, I had originally planned to keep the toothbrush in my office for use after I eat my lunch, but since I am now working from home (like so many of us), I started using it as my regular toothbrush last week. So far, I am thrilled with my experience using the Dr. Plotka’s brush.

Bristles Stats By Gail Worley
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The above image explains how Dr. Plotka’s naturally antimicrobial bristles work, and how the fact that they’re made from polyester rather than traditional nylon allows them to last 33% longer. The brush also has dual-layered ‘flossing’ bristles, for reaching food particles that can get trapped between teeth. I especially love this feature of the Mouthwatcher brush, because I have two rear molars with a bit of space between them. Some foods (especially meat or fresh fruit) can get stuck between my teeth, so that I feel the need to floss immediately after eating. This toothbrush helps to remove that trapped food, so that I can wait until the end of the day to floss (which is something you should be doing regularly anyway).

Flossing Bristles Illustrated By Gail Worley

The above image illustrates how Dr. Plotka’s toothbrush bristles are designed to have an extended reach that regular toothbrush bristles do not offer.

3 Types of Toothbrushes

Dr. Plotka’s Mouthwatcher Brushes come in a variety of colors and styles including Travel, Adult Manual, Youth Manual, and an electric Power model with replacement heads also available. I encourage you to give these brushes a try. Not only will your teeth feel like they just had a dental cleaning, but you can rest easy knowing you and your family are using clean bristles each time you brush, lowering your chances of illness from your toothbrush.

Find out more about Dr. Plotka’s MouthWatcher Toothbrushes, and shop for them online, by visiting Mouthwatchers Dot Com. Even better, sign up for their mailing list and receive a 15% discount code on your first order!

Product Review: HartFelt 360 Toothbrush

Hartfelt Toothbrush Ad
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When it comes to brushing your teeth, which everyone does, you have two basic toothbrush choices: manual or electric. While there have been continuing, and recent, innovations to the electric toothbrush, there has been relatively little change in the design of a manual toothbrush that isn’t purely aesthetic. I never gave it any thought until I was asked to “try out” the 360 round-head toothbrush by Hartfelt, and I said OK, because I am obsessed with dental hygiene!

Hartfelt 360 Toothbrush

The toothbrush arrived in the mail and I saw right away that it was not only very sleek and aesthetically pleasing, but that the head was indeed a full 360 degrees of bristles, unlike any toothbrush I had seen before. HartFelt’s new 360 degree toothbrush is truly innovative, because it is the world’s first 360 degree designed toothbrush.

360 Degree Head Close Up

Here is close-up of the head from the back of the package. It looks like fun, right? Developed in Japan at the Osaka University Dental Hospital, the 360 Toothbrush’s 10,000 micro fine bristles — 10 times more than the average toothbrush — provide unparalleled cleaning power! Circular rings firmly hold the bristles in place, while spacing washers between bristle layers make it more effective for removing plaque and keeping the brush clean. I was excited to give the 360 a try!

360 Toothbrush in Action

The first time I used the 360 brush, it felt a litte weird and bulky in my mouth, but by the next use it was as comfortable as any regular toothbrush. Directions on the package recommend that you brush more gently than usual, and that is helpful advice to keep you from banging it into your gums while you get used to how the uniquely-shaped head feels between your teeth and gums. There is no need to turn, spin, or twist your wrist as you brush. It really get does between your teeth and down to the gum line (which is very important to keep your gums healthy), and it is fun to use because you know you are helping to make your mouth healthy.

After using this toothbrush for about three weeks, I can say that my teeth do feel cleaner, and the test is the way that they feel against my tongue. Because the tongue knows all. The 360 Toothbrush is perfect to keep in the office, and it can be used effectively with water alone when you are on the go and no toothpaste is available. The 360 Toothbrush by Hartfelt is a great product that does exactly what it claims to do, and I recommend it to all my readers!

HartFelt Collection’s 360 Toothbrush can be purchased at This Link, and also via Amazon Dot Com!

360 Tooth Brush Close Up