Healthcare Fundraiser For Agnostic Front Vocalist Roger Miret

roger miret fundraiser

I think it is no secret that most professional musicians do not enjoy the benefit of employer-provided health insurance, and that is just a shame, because it’s something everyone needs. Sadly, earlier this year, Roger Miret, vocalist for the legendary New York-based hardcore punk band Agnostic Front was diagnosed with cancer, and long road of tests and diagnoses lead to a complex surgery and lengthy hospital stay.

The surgery was complicated,  but the results were extremely positive. Roger’s cancer was successfully removed and he is now in complete remission, with all signs of his cancer having disappeared. Some good news to be sure.

With the joy of knowing that Roger is now cancer-free comes the bitter reality of months of continued treatment, with Roger and his family dealing with the financial burden of staggering hospital bills. Thinking quickly, an organizer identified only as BK L created a GoFundMe campaign to assist with Roger’s recovery. With amazing support of  the music community, the campaign went viral immediately, accruing over $100,000 in donations within two days of going online. Wow!

Surely everyone with a beating heart can empathize with Roger’s situation. It is our pleasure to share this fundraiser and ask that anyone who is able help please donate what you can so that Roger’s family can manage expenses during this difficult time.

To get updates and news for this GoFundMe campaign, and make a donation to support Roger’s continued recovery, please visit This Link!

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