Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Staircase at Teso Life Asian Market

pink stairs with princess photo bu gail worley
All Photos By Gail

From the look of these inviting Pink Stairs — not to mention the mural of an elaborately-dressed woman and her cat on the wall — you probably would not guess that you were inside an Asian Supermarket called Teso Life (evidently, it is a chain). On second thought,  perhaps you would. I mean, maybe that is why people shop there: for the fantasy.

pink stairs detail photo by gail worley

You must know that I ran in off the street in the middle of a walk uptown, just to take these photos. I wish Trader Joes had pink fuckin’ stairs!

pink stairs full photo by gail worley

Even though Teso Life is not in my neighborhood, at some point, I will have to climb to the top of  those stairs, and do some shopping!

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