Birthday Cake Scented Soap

birthday cake soap photo by gail worley
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When the trend of Birthday Cake-Flavored foods and snacks emerged a few years ago, I was all in, and still am. So, you know I got super excited when I was introduced to a Birthday Cake Scented Soap during my recent visit to the White Label Expo. OMG.

soaps display by soap gal photo by gail worley

Birthday Cake Soap, as I am now calling it, is made by a company called The Soap Gal, a manufacturer and wholesaler located in Mesa, AZ, who make the soap to sell to retailers and the hospitality industry, who then put their own brand label on it. That is what white labeling means.

birthday cake soap section photo by gail worley

Since The Soap Gal make their all-natural-ingredient soaps through the ‘soap cutting’ process, no two bars are going to look alike. Above is cross section of a bar I saw at the Expo. Below is what the bar in my bathroom looks like. The scent is the same.

birthday cake soap photo by gail worley

This soap lathers really well, is gentle on your skin, and smells just liked delicious Birthday Cake, but not in sickeningly sweet way. Between showers, the soap will scent the air in your bathroom slightly of Birthday Cake, which I enjoy and find comforting.

birthday cake soap wrapper photo by gail
birthday cake soap photo by gail worley
Don’t Eat It

As previously stated, an end-user cannot buy this soap directly from The Soap Gal, but maybe you could do some Googling and find a retailer. I wish you good luck, because this soap my new favorite way to get clean!

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