Tips On Finding The Right Procreate Brushes For You

cat by lauren itkin
Artwork Created in Procreate By Lauren Itkin

The Procreate application has become increasingly popular due to its special feature of letting the users paint using their iPad. The good thing about this app is that it gives you a lot of options and tools for creating beautiful drawings. In addition, it also provides high-quality Procreate Brushes for painting as well as drawing objects. Although there are a lot of different brushes to choose from, finding the right one can be hard if you do not know what types they have available or how to access them. Here are some tips on finding the right procreate brush for your own use.

Lauren Art in Procreate
Artwork Created in Procreate By Lauren Itkin

1) Different Types Of Brushes For Procreate

There are three main types of Procreate brushes which include a round tip, flat, and pencil/calligraphy. Each type has a different purpose and can be used to produce a specific effect in your drawings. For example, the pencil/calligraphy type of brush is perfect for calligraphic work such as hand lettering. On the other hand, flat tip brushes are best for creating watercolor-like effects in your drawing when its opacity is set at 100%. In addition, this brush type can also be used to add shading in digital painting especially if you want a 3-D look or texture by using the same color but with different opacities.

2) Accessing The Best Procreate Brushes Types

There are two ways on how you can access these best types of Procreate brushes. One way is through the Procreate application itself while another is by downloading third-party applications. To access these three brush types, you can simply go to the Brushes section of the Procreate application. When you are there, just click on the + sign to reveal all of your options for different brushes. However, if you want different options for Procreate brushes, then you have to download third-party applications. Moreover, these applications offer several downloads with each containing a different design or style of Procreate brushes. Just search online and you will see a lot of websites offering free downloadable files.
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Creative Market

3) How To Download Procreate Brushes?

When you download procreate brushes from third-party applications, they will usually arrive as .brush files. These can be saved in your device’s photo gallery or camera roll for easy access/retrieval. Just open the file and it will automatically appear on your Procreate application’s Brushes section for use. However, make sure to check the brush size of the downloaded brushes first through the app’s settings before using them, or else they might end up looking pixelated when you zoom in on them which does not look good if you are into detailed drawings.

4) Using Different Types Of Free Procreate Brushes Together

One great thing about downloading different types of Procreate brushes is that you can use them together for even more detailed and better-looking digital drawings. For instance, you can download flat tip brushes with round tip designs on the same file/pack. This will make it possible for you to have a variety of effects for your drawing depending on which type of brush you want to use at any given time.

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Creative Market

5) Making Procreate Brushes Of Your Own

Another thing that you can do is create procreate brushes yourself using different shapes, textures, or objects. However, this requires some creative skills especially if you are just starting out in art so I suggest that you look online first until you find something that might be suitable enough to turn into brushes then simply import them into your Procreate application.

6) Tips On Finding Free Brushes For Procreate

There are many types of free brushes for Procreate and their own unique effects so it is important that you know how each one works especially when layering them together. For example, round tip brushes are often used for painting light colors. On the other hand, pencil/calligraphy brushes are mainly used for calligraphic work and shading or creating shadow effects on your drawing.

The best way to use these different types of Procreate brushes is by experimenting and learning what each one is capable of creating. This will not only help you choose which type to use but also how it should be applied in order to create the effect that you want in your drawings. In addition, just like with any other brush that you use, practice makes perfect so it is important that you try using these procreate brushes as much as possible. Doing this will allow you to become familiar with them and learn how they can be combined when producing certain designs.

tea time by lauren itkin
Artwork Created in Procreate By Lauren Itkin


For artists, procreate brushes are an essential part of their work. These procreate brushes can give your artwork a unique look and feel that you might not be able to achieve with other types of art supplies. Finding the right set of Procreate brushes for you can seem like a daunting task, even if you have experience in using them. If this is your first time buying procreate brushes, there are some great tips to help guide you along the way so that you can find exactly what it is that will suit your needs best! At first glance, they all look alike but each has its purpose or use which could make all the difference occasionally accepts sponsored content. For more information, view our advertising policy Here.

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