Top Ten Spy Pics of People on the Subway!

man with yellow submarine tatts photo by gail worley
Man with Multiple Yellow Submarine Tattoos (All Photos By Gail)

People Watching is one of the most fun things you can do in a big city like New York — and the best part about it is that you can do it anywhere. For the best Spy Pics though, the subway is one of my favorite places to get that coveted capture. Check out the guy above, who loves the  animated film based on The Beatles Yellow Submarine so much, he has started a tattoo sleeve of various images from the film. What a fan! Please enjoy a selection of my favorite photos of the people who keep NYC so colorful!

subway clown photo gy gail worley

I call this one Subway Clown.

man in yellow raincoat photo by gail worley

“We all float down here.”

lady with horns photo by gail worley

Feeling Horny. (OK, was it Halloween when I took the previous two photos? Maybe . . .)

woman in turquoise jacket photo by gail worley

Someone skinned Sully from Monsters Inc. and made a stylish jacket from his lovely blue fur.

woman with yellow shoes photo by gail worley

This lady is rocking her NYC Street Style like nobody’s business.

lady with pink hair and pink shoes photo by gail worley

Should your hair match your shoes? Always.

best friends on the subway photo by gail worley


people at metrocard vending machines photo by gail worley

This backpack will surely encourage social distancing inside the train car. Well done!

man in striped pants photo by gail worley

Beetlejuice heads downtown.

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