Top Ten Spy Pics of People Looking at Art

colorful woman art art fair photo by gail worley
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One thing I am obsessive about when it comes to photographing art for this site is that there be no people in the frame. This requires great patience, because you never know how long you will have to wait for other art fans, who have every right to dawdle in front of their favorite paintings or sculptures, to move before the coast is clear and you can get the shot. On the other hand, there are times when the point is to get the infamous ‘Spy Pic’ of the onlooker in front of the artwork, because he or she is a work of art themselves! Please enjoy a few of  my secret snaps of the People of New York looking at art from my ever-growing collection!

boys in front of jennifer bartlett photo by gail worley

These teenage boys checking their phones while perched in front of an abstract work entitled Rhapsody by Jennifer Bartlett are technically not looking at the art. And yet, they contribute so much to the tableau of Life Imitating Art.

man in polkadot coat photo by gail worley

Spotted at a random art fair, this man’s matching hat and coat are just everything, and the pants are a whole other ballgame.

man at moma photo by gail worley

Art fan at MoMA.

woman at ruth asawa photo by gail worley

Taken at a recent exhibit of Ruth Awasa sculptures at David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea. This is probably my favorite photo I took all of last year.

woman at momath photo by gail wortley

Taken at the National Museum of Mathematics, I can’t say I have ever seen anyone do a more impressive job of coordinating their purse with their hairstyle. Well done.

woman at the met photo by gail worley

When standing at The Gates of Hell (aka The Metropolitan Museum of Art) you gotta look sharp!

woman at chelsea galleries photo by gail worley

Looking for Waldo.

woman at frieze photo by gail worley

Dressed To Kill at Frieze, Randall’s Island.

punk couple in gallery photo by gail worley

Punks in Love at the late great Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea.

Stay tuned for my next installment in the People of New York Series: Top Ten Spy Pics of People on the Subway!

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