How to Make Your Significant Other Feel Special

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Couples often find themselves stuck in routines that leave no room for excitement in their relationships. This usually happens when two people have been together for an extended amount of time. Of course, that doesn’t mean they no longer care about each other; it’s just that the sparks and butterflies they felt at the beginning of their relationship have died down. Now they’re all about managing their busy schedules and making life happen.

If you are experiencing this lack of spark in your relationship, you’ve come to the right place. Every relationship requires effort and maintenance to be successful. Although it is not advisable to ‘push’ a connection, there are simple ways to convey your innermost feeling of love and appreciation for your partner. These tips will show you how to make your partner feel special and restore the honeymoon feeling in your relationship.

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1.   Show Appreciation

It’s easy to take the little things your partner does for granted when you’ve been together for a long time. That’s where we start to get it wrong. You may feel grateful for the things your partner does, but if you don’t express it, they may never know.  So, consciously start to say ”thank you” when your significant other is being helpful. Expressing genuine gratitude is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

2.   Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

Make time to spend with your significant other. While you’re at it, make the moment count by putting away distractions from your phone and other devices. Your partner will feel special when they know they have your undivided attention.

When spending quality time together, maintain eye contact, and listen to your partner. Also, use positive nonverbal communication like a smile, hug, or a light touch on the arm. Non-verbal communication in a relationship is reassuring and can help increase the closeness between you two.

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3.   Tell Your Partner How You Feel

Don’t just assume that your partner knows how much you love them. Tell them that you love them throughout the day. There are so many exciting ways to do this. You can send a random ”I love you” texts, some love paragraphs for her or slip little notes into their pocket or purse.

When you tell your partner “I love you,” you reaffirm your feelings for them and strengthen your relationship. You also emphasize commitment, care, and appreciation, letting them know you value their presence.

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4.   Plan a Date Night

Date nights are extremely valuable in relationships. A date night gives you an opportunity to communicate with your partner and deepen your understanding of each other. You can choose to engage in any activity your partner loves or one that you both enjoy.

You can plan to have dinner with your love at their favorite restaurant, or make it an indoor event. Planning a romantic dinner at home can be super exciting because you’ll have the freedom to customize every aspect of the date to your taste. Be sure to go grocery shopping before the date and start kitchen preparations early.

Since you’ll be in charge of your own menu, you can make your dish as healthy and tasty as you like. According to P.C. Richard & Son, an electronics and appliance retailer, “You can enjoy a safer and healthier way of preparing your meals with the exciting cooking features of your kitchen stove.” You can also have your partner’s favorite wine and put on any music of your choice that reminds you both of your early days of dating.

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5.   Share Your Dreams and Goals With Your Partner

Telling your significant other about your goals and dreams brings you closer. It opens up an opportunity for you both to develop a deeper connection and have a joint sense of purpose. It also helps build love, passion, and trust and enables you to visualize a future together. That way, you’ll strengthen the bond in your relationship and improve your communication.

You shouldn’t make sharing your dreams with your significant other a one-time affair. When you both dream together regularly, you’ll have a steady supply of positivity in your relationship. You’ll also stay motivated when working towards actualizing your dreams.

6.   Be Your Partner’s Biggest Cheerleader

Words are powerful. If you want to keep the fire in your relationship burning and make your partner feel special, become their number one cheerleader. Avoid criticizing your partner; instead, point out their strengths and applaud them on their achievements. When you’re visiting friends and family, compliment your significant other and let them know you’re proud of them.

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