How New York Is Still Influencing The Music Scene In 2021

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New York is an influential state and city, with millions of tourists flocking there year after year so that they can experience the Big Apple. This is because New York is known for and famous for a variety of things such as its iconic Statue of Liberty, exciting Broadway performances, and exclusive shops. The state and city have captivated people all over the globe, and it’s showing no signs of lessening its grip and influence on the rest of the world.

What about New York and the music scene, however? New York and music go hand-in-hand, with some of the biggest bands and musical performances coming from this high-rise city.  In 2021, New York is still influencing the music scene.

The Music of New York City

New York is considered the birthplace of garage house, bebop, New York punk rock, hip hop, and US new wave, and numerous other genres. This is because New York is a melting pot of cultures which has, in turn, caused an array of musical types to collaborate and come together. Other genres New York is known for is jazz, blues, and soul music. You could say that New York has been highly influential for various musical genres, meaning if you are a recording artist, this could be a great city for you to turn to for inspiration.

broadway music playbills photo by gail worley
Broadway Posters Photographed at BroadwayCon 2019

The Broadway Theatre

Otherwise known as Broadway, the Broadway Theatre scene is renowned for being the heart and epicenter of America’s theatrical industry. For many artists, aspiring and successful, to perform on Broadway is a great indication of how talented you are in the musical industry. It shows that you are a competent actor and singer who is well-known across the musical world; it also showcases that you are a serious musician who takes pride in your musical career and prowess.

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The history of the Broadway Theatre is immense as it was one of the first streets in the US to be lit with electric lights, which is why many musicians and actors strive to see their names lit on a Broadway billboard. It is also believed that Broadway Theatre helped shape New York City so that it became the cultural capital of the world. Throughout the years, Broadway has remained synonymous with productions that are high in value and a fully immersive experience – it continues to influence the musical and theatre scenes throughout the world.

Who are the Biggest Bands to Originate from New York City?

Some of the most iconic bands and singer/songwriters were born in New York City, helping add to its rich musical history. From its beautiful and exciting jazz era to the punk-rock scene of the 1970s, here are a few of the greatest bands to come from the Big Apple.

ramones by bob gruin photo by gail worley
The Ramones Photographed By Bob Gruen

The Ramones

The Ramones are a well-known name in the music industry, with their punk sound defining the mid-1970s music scene. Their music seemed to have a no-frills approach to the music scene, as they stripped back rock music to its core. There is a lot of angst and aggression in their music.

ramones poster photo by gail worley
Ramones Poster

velvet underground experience photo by gail worley
Velvet Underground Experience Exhibit in NYC, October 2018

The Velvet Underground

Fans who are familiar with the underground rock scene in New York City will be familiar with The Velvet Underground, a band that still has a lasting impact on the music scene. Although The Velvet Underground didn’t amount to much commercial success, they have accumulated a cult following and are considered an influential rock band to this very day.

velvet underground mural photo by gail worley

The Strokes

This iconic band was formed in 1998. Their debut single was the height of their success, with Is This It propelling the band into the limelight. If you are unfamiliar with the sound of The Strokes, it is typically considered to be garage-rock but also known as indie rock.

debbie harry photo by gail worley
Blondie’s Debbie Harry Photographed by Chris Stein


Considered one of the biggest influences in punk and new wave, Blondie was iconic in the 1970s – and continues to be an icon to this very day. With its lead singer Debbie Harry, Blondie brought a fresh new take on music and recorded and released eight Top 40 singles. Their music was influential, with their catchy pop music and Debbie Harry’s aesthetic of bleached blonde hair and playful look taking the world by storm. Their most influential songs include “The Tide is High” and “Heart of Glass.”

blondie street art photo by gail worley
Debbie Harry & Blondie Street Art By Shepard Fairey

How Can You Make Your Mark in New York City?

Making your mark in the music industry is not an easy ride, but it is possible. If you wish to contribute to the New York City music scene, then perhaps you should consider moving or recording your music in this prolific city. runs professional music studios in Brooklyn and New York City so that you can become an iconic musician within this city. Their Brooklyn music studio is ideal for artists who need a calming and professional space to unleash their creativity. You can pop in for an hour or a day, whatever you need!

New York City is an iconic place, but its music scene is truly inspiring. If you are an artist, then consider visiting New York City for some inspiration. However, if you are simply a huge music lover, you should explore the city regardless. occasionally accepts sponsored content. For more information, view our advertising policy Here.

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