Understanding Full Spectrum CBD Oil 101

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CBD has become quite a popular choice when it comes to managing chronic pain, sleeplessness, depression, or anxiety. You might have heard of the tremendous health benefits associated with CBD oil and if you have just stepped into the massive world of CBD you might not be able to comprehend the reasons for the immense popularity of this product. Moreover, there are jargons used to describe CBD that can put you off from learning about CBD oil, so here’s a guide to understanding Full Spectrum CBD oil the easy way!  Before jumping to the discussion of full spectrum CBD oil, we should first familiarize ourselves with what CBD really is.

What is CBD?

CBD, the popular name for Cannabidiol, is an extract of the hemp or cannabis plant with innumerable therapeutic potential. CBD oil consists of the hemp extract containing CBD along with another major component of the hemp plant known as THC which is famous for its psychoactive nature and its ability to cause a high. Along with these two main ingredients, CBD oil is made up of other naturally occurring compounds present in hemp plants such as terpenes and flavonoids.

If you are concerned that your CBD oil may make you high because of THC present in it, fret not because THC content in full-spectrum CBD oil (discussing this term ahead) is within 0.3 percent as approved by the Canadian law hence such a minimal amount of THC is insufficient to cause someone to get into a high.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full-spectrum CBD oil is a category of CBD oil that is richly blended with all the compounds occurring naturally in the hemp plant. It consists of compounds such as CBD, terpenes, THC, and flavonoids. The other categories of CBD oil are broad-spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate. While broad-spectrum CBD oil contains content similar to full-spectrum CBD oil, the only difference is that it is devoid of THC. Additionally, isolate CBD oil comprises only CBD with no added compound.

It is no wonder that full spectrum CBD oil is regarded as the most popular and also the most effective because of the entourage effect that has come to light explaining why full-spectrum CBD oil has greater therapeutic potential than any other type. According to the entourage effect, all the naturally occurring components present in full-spectrum CBD oil work at a cellular level in our body in a concert-like fashion and result in a synergistic response. Hence the effects resulting from the presence of all the compounds acting together can not be seen when the same compound is present singly in a product. This explains the reason why full-spectrum CBD oil products yield the most benefit hence it is the most popular choice among CBD users.

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Full-spectrum CBD oil is up for grabs in many forms and with the surge in its popularity in Canada, there has been an influx of new and improved CBD products on the market. Canada has one of the leading CBD industries and, to meet ever-growing demands, the manufacturers are bringing improved products; but with such an extensive variety it can be baffling for Canadians to choose!

Full-spectrum CBD oil products are available as oil and tincture to be used sublingually, and as edibles including CBD gummies, capsules, CBD baked goods, and CBD drinks. Some prefer to use full-spectrum CBD oil by inhalation through vape pens or e-cigarettes.

Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

As previously stated, this form of CBD oil houses the most therapeutic potential. Listed below are some of the health gains that come with full-spectrum CBD oil.


l  It is known for its anti-seizure property and has been approved to be used to treat epilepsy

l  It helps with insomnia and makes the individual sleep better 

l  It has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treat various skin disorders like acne, psoriasis, and eczema

l  It has anti-anxiety effects and helps to mitigate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD

l  It has analgesic properties and is used to treat chronic pain seen in arthritis 

l  It is used to treat Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Sciatica, and Peripheral Neuropathy

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