4 Non-Surgical Neck Lift Alternatives

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As we age, many people may feel insecure due a naturally-occurring sagging of the neck skin. It can be distresssing when the rest of your face still looks quite young. While there are surgical solutions to remedy this issue (which are quite expensive), there are now more affordable non surgical neck lift solutions ( most notably a neck lift with plasma pen treatment), which will restore your self confidence and can keep your skin looking youthful longer.

4 Non-Surgical Neck Firming Treatments

The following are among the available non-surgical methods for firming and tightening your neck: If losing skin as an aging sign is scaring you, it is time to switch to non-toxic vegan skin care products to minimize aging side effects on your skin through cosmetics.

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Ultrasound is a kind of energy that penetrates deep into the skin, so it treats the subcutaneous layer of your chin and neck. As an ultrasound technology, Ultherapy was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2009 for noninvasive chin and neck lifts to diminish lines and wrinkles around the chest region.

Ultherapy aims to improve the stimulation of collagen, which results in the formation of better-looking skin on the chin and neck area. To accomplish this, Ultherapy has to bypass the surface of the skin via ultrasound energy with the aid of focused imaging.

dermal fillers
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Dermal Fillers (Injectable)

Injectable Dermal Fillers help to decrease the presence of wrinkles by reestablishing lost volume to the skin on the neck. According to experts, hyaluronic corrosive and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers are effectively used as injectors to redefine facial structure definition and promote the production of collagen on the neck. When this treatment is performed on the neck, note that the specialist will always utilize a dull tipped cannula rather than a needle.


Botox (botulinum toxin type A injection) is another injectable non-surgical treatment to help users reduce the presence of wrinkles. Botox injections are often used by dermatologists, even though it’s off-label. Used on the neck and vertical neck groups for calming the growth of muscle on the neck, the injection also helps loosen the descending, pulling movement of the neck muscle.  Botox is easy to use, almost painless and takes little time to complete the procedure.


Certain individuals collect more fat under their jaw and in their upper neck area that others. In situations where there is a gentle measure of neck fat with firm, great-quality skin overlying, Kybella may then be recommended. Kybella is made from of deoxycholic corrosive, which is also an injectable element that separates and processes fat cells, and thus helps further develop the shape of the neck. 

A Kybella treatment requires no more than thirty minutes. As a general rule, the recuperation time is quick; however, you might observe redness or swelling in the injected region for a few days.


The skin in your neck region can be firmed-up with various non-surgical methods. Before you go for any of the techniques listed here, please consult your doctor first.

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