Five Points Festival 2022: The Photo Recap!

five points fest cover shot photo by gail worley
Toys By Zimotco (All Photos By Gail)

OMG. Of all the trade shows making their way back after a million billion years of Covid, no return to the land-of-the-living has thrilled me more than that of Five Points Festival — the Mother of All Toy Shows — because Five Points just plain rules! If you failed to make that scene, here’s just a smidgeon of what you missed. Losers.

robot drawing photo by gail motley
Art By Nate Bear

Five Points Festival took place this year in a new venue, Zero Space, as its previous home, the Brooklyn Expo Center, closed to become — wait for it — a fucking gym! Lame City! Fortunately, Zero Space was very welcoming to all the freaks and geeks like me who love designer toys, horror movies, and things that are cute and nerdy. So, change is good!

five points fest signage photo by gail worley

I met up at the venue with my pal Ken, and we proceeded to spend the afternoon having all kinds of crazy fun. Please enjoy my photo highlights from Five Points Fest 2022!

sucky panther mug photo by gail worley

You know that you are among your Tribe when the one of the first things you see is a Sucky Panther Mug. This one ($40 = cheap) was being sold by Electric Anvil Tattoo, who were also on site – you guessed it – tattooing people. Sucky Panther for the win!

opn heart by jason naylor photo by gail worley

OPN Heart Limited edition sculpture by Jason Naylor.

tara mcpherson toys photo by gail worley

Poster artist and designer Tara McPherson was there, selling dozens of her signature cool posters and lots of her Stellar Dream Scouts vinyl mini figures. She’s been making these little guys for a few years and they are super popular. I like the Pink Angry Mountain the best.

turtle caps figure photo by gail worley

Turtle Caps is a customizable, blank vinyl figure that lets you create a unique work of  art in your own style.

fruity pebbles turtle caps photo by gail worley

This one has been given a Fruity Pebbles look, and the artist also staged him atop a bowl of real Fruity Pebbles that he set-in-place with white glue to look like milk — clever!

mini turtle caps on ice cream truck photo by gail worley

While no actual Turtle Caps figure was used in the making of this tiny ice cream truck replica with a sundae-themed mini Turtle Caps on its roof, you can see that the creative possibilities are endless. Turtle Caps sell for about $40 — very affordable!

reputable and trustworthy booth photo by gail worley

We found so many fun items at the booth for Reputable and Trustworthy Playthings. Click on the above photo to enlarge for details of their Rejected Handheld Video Games (Glengarry GlenRoss, anyone?) which are a true collectors item at just $75 each.

swingers movie card photo by gail worley

Any movie fan especially would enjoy their Foreign Movie Title Prints (just $20) such as this one, promoting the 1996 film Swingers by the title it’s known by in other parts of the world. So ‘Money!’

sharting line up photo by gail worley

While am not a Baseball fan, I did Google the above statement for my own edification. Limited Edition George Brett Figure: $200.

brucaroni and pez dispenser photo by gail worley

I enjoyed meeting so many cool people at the show, like David of Brucaroni Toys n’ Thangs (slogan: Release Your Inner Child!). David is holding one of his original creations, Chubby Ghost, who is perched atop a Pez Dispenser. Oh, the cuteness.

brucaroni toy display photo by gail worley

David is a graphic designer who  started making toys in 2007, and he was super excited to be exhibiting at his very first Five Points Festival! His stuff is great and we wish him lots of success!

rick sans record art photo by gail worley

This is artist Rick Sans (right) and his associate in their booth, posing by a display that got my attention immediately.  Rick received a large donation of colored, transparent and tie-dye vinyl records, and proceeded to paint each with a one-of-a-kind design. There was a pop culture icon to please everyone! Let’s zoom-in for a close-up.

painted colored vinyl photo by gail worley

What a great, original artwork to add to any collection!

from beyond fx booth photo by gail worley

Color me very impressed with the booth for From Beyond FX. As Stefon from SNL would say, “This Place has Everything”: Latex monster masks, action figures, jewelry, hilarious pop culture-referencing t-shirts, stickers and a very cool artist, Jasce manning the booth.

jasce and skeletomaton mask photo by gail worley

Jasce is holding a character mask called Skeletomaton, which is so crazy and Darth Vader-esque. He told me the character’s backstory, which I will try to repeat here, but of course I can’t tell it as good as him:

‘In the future, astronauts wear life-sustaining spacesuits which will allow their biological functions to continue while they are in space. Hundreds of years pass, and a lone astronaut returns to earth. Although he has died, his skeleton is being kept alive and mobile by this suit, which has basically integrated with his body.’ Insane, right? I could have talked to Jasce for hours about horror movies and special FX, but it was time to move on. Check out more scary masks below.

from beyond masks photo by gail worley
Very Scary!

musculoid action figure photo by gail worley

Five Points is an event where you are going to find lots of  limited edition and one-off toys and figures, like this custom-painted Cyclone Musculoid figure (with extra weapons!) created by artist Frank Russo. I hope he went to a good home!

pumpkinhead figure photo by gail worley

This custom painted Ghost of Halloween Past figure is by Sam Heimer.

figure by cherry moth cake photo by gail worley

There is so much to unpack with this figure by Cherry Moth Cake that I wish I’d had taken the time to pose it against a plain background before taking this photo. Sorry.

toxic nuggies photo by gail worley

It’s time for a photo dump of rather extreme cuteness, starting with these Toxic Nuggies by Edgar Paredes.

little prince photo by gail worley

Edgar also created tiny purple figures of the late, great Prince,  because he was a tiny guy!

hot sauce packet photo by gail worley

Hot Sauce Packet by Snack Rabbit.

juice box photo by gail worley

Juice Box by Bunny Mischief.

creepy monsta sticker by gail worley

Sticker Creepy Monsta!

little dog on chair photo by gail worley

Little Green Dog on a Chair by Neil Ewing!

sharshimi sushi shark photo by gail worley

Sharshimi Sushi Shark by Tokidoki.

capples photo by gail worley

If you like Cats and you also like Apples, then maybe a Capples is for you?

devil daruma photo by gai worley

Devil Daruma with a Pirate Patch is a one-off creation by PNL Toy Works. Impressive!

flame cars photo by gail worley

Flame Cars by Crocodile Jackson. So cute!

puffy coat snoopy photo by gail worley

Are you ready for my Favorite Toy of the entire show: it’s Puffy Coat Snoopy by Super 7! Just looking at him makes me smile! Did he come home with me? Sure he did.

what the effing eff photo by gail worley

Talk about a toy that captures the zeitgeist! When words fail, What The Effing Eff (Cotton Tail Edition) by David Chung (via Martian Toys) just says it all.

oneiromancy shintoad figure photo by girl worley

Shintoad By Oneiromancy Toy Works.

love is shit pin photo by gail worley

Love is Shit Pin by Evil Ghosty!

princess bubblegum bikini pin photo by gail worley

Princess Bubblegum in a Bikini pin spotted on a random fan! Yes!

toys by sunguts photo by gail worley
Sofubi Soft Vinyl Toys by Sunguts

And that’s a wrap! See you again next year, Five Points Fest!

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