CBD vs. Medical Marijuana: Main Differences You Should Know

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CBD and medical marijuana are two cannabis terms. With the popularity of CBD, some people feel it has come to replace marijuana, but CBD and medical marijuana are different from each other. The only similarities between CBD and medical marijuana are that they are both from cannabis plants. Medical marijuana contains the psychoactive compound THC, which can make you high. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis which doesn’t have side effects associated with THC.

Both CBD and Medical marijuana are known for having therapeutic benefits. While the THC in medical marijuana makes users high, both medical marijuana and CBD can treat pain and promote better sleep. Meanwhile, CBD can treat cases like anxiety and depression, etc. However, you can’t use medical marijuana is not recommended to treat these issues, especially if you react to its psychoactive effects.

In addition, CBD is available for commercial use, and you can purchase it in places like dispensaries and online shops like FAB CDB, in a variety of different forms. Medical marijuana, however, requires a prescription. The legal use of medical marijuana is still in process in some countries. Lastly, CBD contains only CBD, while medical marijuana has little CBD but more THC.

This article will discuss and clarify the main differences between CBD and medical marijuana.

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What Is Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana contains both THC and CBD. However, Medical marijuana is used in the treatment of certain ailments and their symptoms, and is dispensed under prescription from a doctor while CBD does not need a prescription.

Medical marijuana comes in pills, powders, and liquids, as well as oil and dried leaves. Meanwhile, CBD comes in tinctures, oil, edibles, topicals, and the forms. In addition, medical marijuana can be ingested by smoking, topically on the skin, or placed under the tongue. The way you want to take medical marijuana is up to you. Lastly, you must follow the instructions since it needs a prescription.

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What Is CBD

A main difference between CBD and medical marijuana is that CBD products contain little to no THC, and therefore does not result in any high effect when used. CBD has many health benefits and is used to treat different ailments like chronic pain, sleep disorders, and anxiety as it allows you to relax and unwind. CBD products come in the form of gummies, oils, and tinctures (all taken orally or sublingually), or topicals like salves, lotions and creams (applied to the skin), so you can choose whatever method you prefer.

Medical Marijuana Contains High Levels Of THC

THC, which induces a high effect with use, makes up over 90% of medical marijuana     Most prescriptions of medical marijuana are for pain relief, as THC is an effective analgesic  for chronic pain.

It should be noted that a high concentration of THC in medical marijuana could lead to dependence. It could also cause tolerance and side effects. In addition, people will need a higher THC concentration for chronic pain relief. CBD treats pain without THC, even though some THC with CBD works better.

CBD Does Not Cause a High 

CBD does not contain THC, but only has CBD-dominant strains. It is safe to use and has no know negative side effect, though it is advisable to check with your doctor before use. CBD, which we have stated comes in many different forms, is primarily useful in the treatment of muscle pains, sleep disorders, and anxiety.

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The Benefits 

Both Medical marijuana and CBD have many health benefits.

Stress Relief: CBD and THC promote relaxation to give you the break you need.

Mindfulness: Users find that along with relaxation CBD and THC help you focus as well.

Weight Management:   Even though Consumers of CBD and THC may consume more calories, they have a lower BMI than nonusers, hence, they weigh less.

Muscle Relaxation:  THC helps relax the muscle and eases tension and stress.

Pain Relief: CBD and THC can treat Chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, etc.

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CBD and Medical marijuana seem similar, but they are different in terms of uses and effects. However, CBD and medical marijuana have great benefits for health and wellbeing.

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