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5 Best Cannabis Strains To Enjoy At The Beach

Beach Romp in Ocean
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Now that summer weather is here, most individuals treat more sun as an invitation to head to the beach, where you can get a vitamin D fix and reveal a little more skin. While you’re relaxing at the beach, a little cannabis can help with the chilling process, provided you pick the right strain from Just Cannabis. Choices are important, otherwise you’ll end up yawning when you should be energetic, and paranoid when you’re keen to feel social. However, you may be wondering what difference cannabis will make, and if it’s even legal where you live in the first place.

Whatever questions you may have about cannabis, this post will answer those and many more. Read on for more information.

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The Rise of Vape Culture

Vape Culture Words

“Vape Culture” is the name given to the community and spirit surrounding vaping, something which millions of people worldwide have found their home in. Over the last few years, vaping has grown out of relative obscurity and is now something which is done by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The reasons for vaping are varied, with some opting to vape instead of smoke cigarettes, whereas others do it to participate in “vaping games” for the cool factor.

To different people, vaping means different things, and to the Oxford dictionary, it was 2014’s word of the year – “to inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.” Some people view it as obnoxious, whereas others are completely absorbed by the community which surrounds it.

Colored Smoke Background

To say that vaping as an act divides people would be an understatement; however, there is no ignoring the influence that it has on our world, and with the numbers of people who participate in vaping continuously on the rise, it is a trend which is set to keep growing, especially as more and more trendy vape-related manufacturers and retailers such as www.brokedick.com come about and further strengthen the community.

In addition to this, more people are becoming aware of the dangers related to smoking and are trying to find ways to quit. Many start off with nicotine patches before progressing to vaping and find the latter to be the most effective means of getting rid of a habit which can completely take over your life and dramatically increase risks of cancer and coronary heart disease, amongst other ailments.

#1: What Is Vape Culture?

To the older generation, generally speaking, vapers are groups of young adults who have nothing better to do than blow huge plums of vapor at inappropriate times in inappropriate places. You just need to look at the mainstream media to see the many stories of so-called “millennials” plaguing restaurants, airports, and bars with their vapor smoke whilst arguing that they are not breaking the rules because they are not smoking.

Whilst such acts are highly inconsiderate, this is not representative of the vaping community. Unfortunately, these people give it a bad name. Whilst there are several such stories constantly making their way around the mainstream press, the truth of the matter is that at the core of the vaping community are the “good guys” – normal everyday citizens who are enthusiastic about vaping but carry it out in a way which does not impede on others or cause a nuisance.

The true vaping community wants to eliminate the negative stereotypes and stigmas associated with vaping.

Set of Vaping Culture Icons

#2: What Is Its Demographic?

Truth be told, there is no one single demographic which fits within the vaping community or culture. Vape culture includes everybody, a wide range of the overall world population; it is not limited to any single person, gender, age group, race, political party, sexuality, or other factor.

People from all walks of life, working all types of job and from virtually all countries in the world have taken up vaping as a means of either quitting smoking or taking up a fun pastime, or both. Given that there is scientific support to show that vaping is as much as 95% safer than smoking regular cigarettes and tobacco, the majority of vapers fall within the former group – people who are concerned about their health and want to ditch the smoking habit.

So long as you are genuinely interested in vaping – you don’t even need to actually vape – just have an interest or want to follow the movement, you are welcome in the vaping community. If, as a vaper, you are willing to tow the line and be considerate to others, especially if you are blowing huge, thick and dense clouds, there is no reason why you cannot get involved.

#3: Is Vape Culture Really Necessary?

Sure, vaping is cool and all . . . but is it necessary for there to be a “culture” and “community” which surrounds it? In short, yes.

Look at any other sport, hobby or pastime and you will see that nine times out of ten there is a community of enthusiasts which surround it. Skateboarding, football, stamp collecting, trainspotting… every niche interest tends to have a community around it, so why should vaping be any different to this?
The vaping community and culture provide a huge benefit for not only those who vape, but for those who don’t, too. For vapers, the vape community and culture provides a place where people can get help with quitting smoking, it is where the right to vape is protected and it is a community which has set the bar high for manufacturers to produce quality products which are safe and healthy. For outsiders, the vaping community educates newcomers on the best practice for vaping, where you can and can’t do it and how not to be a nuisance for it.

Of course, there are a handful of vapers out there who don’t respect the best practices for vaping… these people are just as much a nuisance for us responsible vapers as they are for the wider population. Most of us, however, are considerate with our vaping devices and work hard to educate people through the organization of vape conferences to further enhance the vaping movement.

Vape culture has existed from the very beginning and it is something that continues to go from strength-to-strength as the vaping “movement” grows in relevance and popularity throughout the world. The culture and community which surrounds it is just as much a necessity as it is a nicety; prominent figures and officials within the community work hard to promote responsible vaping and get rid of the various stigmas associated with a relatively harmless pastime.

As vaping grows in popularity and more people get involved with the overall vaping community, it is important to keep educating the masses on the many benefits associated with it and to eliminate the overarching stigma which causes bias within the media.

The 11 Best Steps to Take to Effectively Protect Your Health

Healthy Lifestyle Graphic
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The lifestyle choices you make can determine your quality of life and lifespan. There are many factors that can play a role in your general health and wellbeing. Making the right decisions for your body could potentially help you to ward away certain medical conditions, reduce the effects of aging, lift your mood, and increase your energy levels each day. If you want to build a strong, flexible and healthy body, read the 11 best steps to take to effectively protect your health.

Step 1: Choose the Right Deductible Health Plan

No-one wants to worry about finances when ill, but that’s exactly what might happen to you if you fail to choose the right deductible health plan. Insurance must become a top priority in order to protect yours and your family’s health and finances.However, you will need to choose between a high or low deductible plan that’s right for your budget and needs. Find out more info today for help picking the right option for you.

Step 2: Attend Regular Medical Checkups

The minute you stop attending regular checkups is the minute you start neglecting your health. Regardless of how busy your life might be, make time to attend a checkup with your doctor, dentist and eye doctor, so you can prevent a health condition and receive a diagnosis and treatment for a medical complaint. Also, make sure you understand exactly what your health insurance plan offers, so you will not be left out of pocket for a checkup, screening, or medical treatment. But if you ever need to, you can buy your prescription meds at affordable prices online.

Step 3: Make Healthier Food Choices

While a little of what you like is fine in moderation, too much saturated fat, carbohydrates, and sugars will all lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and excess weight. A balanced diet should contain a mix of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and carbohydrates. This will reduce your risk of a heart attack, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. What’s more, it will help to lower both your weight and cholesterol. It might also be helpful to contact a nutritionist, as he or she could develop a diet plan that complements your body and needs.

Step 4: Lose Weight if Necessary

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 70.7% of American adults over the age of 20 are either overweight or obese. Sadly, carrying excess weight cannot only increase a person’s risk of various health conditions, but it can also cause weight-related injuries. For instance, it’s common for people to suffer from arthritis due to extra pressure on their joints. If you need help losing weight, visit a doctor or nutritionist to develop a diet plan that works for you.

Step 5: Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain or lose weight. If you want to increase your endurance, fitness, strength, and flexibility, aim to enjoy between 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity at least five times per week. An active lifestyle can also help to treat high blood pressure, depression, and osteoporosis. There are different exercises you can try, such as brisk walking, jogging, weight training, or a dance class. Simply find an activity that complements your personality.

Step 6: Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums

Proper dental care not only helps you to enjoy a bright, white smile and avoid tooth decay and bad breath, but it can also protect your heart. Scientists have found that maintaining healthy teeth and gums can protect your heart from disease. So, brush your teeth and gums twice each day, floss daily, and visit a dentist at least twice a year.

Step 7: Stretch Your Legs

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to various health consequences that can diminish your quality of life. In fact, it’s believed women who are inactive for 11 hours or more each day increase their risk of premature death by 12%. That’s why it’s so important to peel yourself away from the sofa or office desk to stretch your legs and go for a walk.

Step 8: Don’t Neglect Your Mental Health

Mental health is a hidden disease, which is why it’s so easy to ignore it and pretend to others as if there is nothing wrong. Rather than bottling up your emotions, you must speak to a doctor about how you are feeling, as well as a loved one. Opening up will not only make you feel better, but there could be a treatment option to help you overcome or manage a disorder.

Step 9: Protect Your Skin

Too much sun exposure cannot only lead to unwanted sunburn, but it can also increase the likelihood of skin cancer, wrinkles, and age spots. Whenever the sun starts to shine, you should apply broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and you must ensure it is a minimum SPF 30. You can also shield your body from the sun by wearing protective clothing and hats.

Step 10: Stop Smoking

Smoking is not only unattractive, but it can lead to a wide variety of health conditions that can considerably shorten your lifespan. Quit smoking to add decades onto your life. For example, you can slowly reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke until you’re no longer addicted to the harmful sticks, or you could quit altogether with the help of nicotine patches and gum. Talk to your doctor for more information on how you can stop smoking.

Step 11: Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

While a little bit of alcohol is reportedly good for you, too much can seriously damage your health. Stop destroying your liver and limit your alcohol consumption. For example, men should reportedly have no more than two alcoholic drinks per day, while women should not consume more than one per day. That doesn’t mean pouring a bottle of wine into the largest glass you can find, either. One drink is equivalent to five ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, or 1.5 ounces of liquor.”

Ron English and High Times Magazine Present: Popaganja Pop Up Cannabis Bodega!

Popaganja Brand
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If you dig the art of Ron English, and you also like to smoke weed, put down the bong for a minute and read on. English is taking his signature Popaganda brand and teaming up with High Times Magazines’ newly established Lifestyle & Apparel division to create a line of merchandise you can buy both online and at a pop up retail boutique and art gallery, opening in lower Manhattan on Tuesday, October 25th.

Popaganja Unisex Hoodie

For the pop up Cannabis Bodega, Ron English takes his signature brand-parody style and gives it a cannabis twist. Think: a KFC container that says THC, or the words Shredded Weed emblazoned on a Shredded Wheat cereal box. Oh, the cleverness.

Popganja Hoodie With Characters

And, I think I know where all of these photos were taken: Right Here!
Popaganja Clothing Fatigue Jacket
I am guessing that they will also have Ron’s art, and hilarious art toys, on sale in the store as well. Find out more about Popaganja, and (if you’re not in Manhattan and can’t make it into the shop), buy stuff online at This Link.

The Ron English x High Times Popaganja Pop Up Cannabis Bodega Will be Open From October 25th until November 8th, 2016 at The Wood Shoppe, Located at 147 Orchard Street, LES, NYC.

Popaganja Flyer


Gas Mask Bong

Photo By Gail

I’ve seen some sick bongs before, but this is a first! For when only a Heavy Hitter will do! Photographed on Broadway, somewhere in Soho, NYC!

1 Percent Nor’Easter Collection Pop Up Shop and Gallery

Gallery View
All Photos By Gail

When I was invited to an exhibit of “Functional Art Glass,” my first reaction was, WTF is Functional Art Glass? Then I read a little bit further into the press release and realized that, back in the day, a piece of Functional Art Glass was referred to as a Water Pipe, or a Bong. And now, it is functional art! I can’t tell you how much I love knowing this. As Andy Warhol once said, “Art is What You Can Get Away With.”

1 percent metrocard photo by gail worley

Celebrating Twenty Years in business, lifestyle accessories brand 1Percent, one of the leading online retailers for smoking accessories, is currently hosting a gallery showcase, pop-up shop, and a series of events in New York City for the month of January. The gallery features over 75 unique glass sculptures in the Nor’Easter Collection, and you can see why these pieces have risen the status of collectable art. Nor’Easter is a celebration of pipe culture from respected glass artists spanning across the east coast, including MTP, JOP!, Coyle and Slinger.

Artist Coyle (AKA Dan Coyle) Works on a Pipe

For fans and collectors alike, 1Percentwill provide a one-on-one exclusive experience with Brandon Long, the gallery curator, as he explains the basics of functional glass, the innovators, and the outlook for high-end glass collectors with the current glass renaissance. I was lucky enough to get a VIP guided tour of the glass with Brandon, and his knowledge is not only impressive but his stories are fun and engaging.

Slinger + EF Norris Grateful to Be American
Slinger + EF Norris, Grateful to Be American, Price: $10,800

Brandon knows many of these artists personally and is familiar with their education, techniques and methods of creating these pipes. He had a fascinating anecdote about every piece in the gallery! I will attempt to recall some of what he said in my captions for the photos to follow.

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Must See Art: Genius By Nir Hod at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Genius is a word whose depth of meaning generally takes too long to talk about. It’s a heavy word, and the current exhibit of paintings and sculptures by Nir Hod at NYC’s Paul Kasmin Gallery, entitled Genius, is equally heavy. The Genius exhibit includes over 50 paintings and several sculptures created over a span of two years. It is the first solo exhibit at Kasmin for the Israeli-born artist, who now lives and works in New York.

The Genius portraits represent a cohesive collection of Nattily-dressed youths – aged from cherubic infants to precocious teenagers – classically posed and wearing mostly scornful expressions while also holding lit cigarettes. While the exhibit appears to be fairly straightforward, the meaning behind these paintings is far from obvious. I wondered, are these children merely playing a game of dress up taken to the extreme, or have they actually grown up too fast and become disenfranchised and jaded before completing puberty? Where did they come from, and what kind of lives do they lead? They are both delicately beautiful and profoundly sad, and that’s always an interesting combination.

According to the exhibit’s press release, these works “[continue] the artist’s longtime fascination with beauty and loneliness, glamour and death. Hod’s aristocratic young Geniuses inhabit a world of paradox, where their cherubic cheeks contrast with their scornful expressions and lit cigarettes. Like sculptures in a wax museum that aim to dramatically freeze time, these paintings explore art’s power to capture life while simultaneously elevating it to depict an unattainable ideal.” What I was reminded of most was a fusion of renaissance portraiture with the pop sensibilities of Ron English, who so often paints children in roles – such as that of a soldier or police officer – normally assumed by adults. I love art that makes me think.

Nir Hod’s artwork makes a further impact thanks to the manner in which it was hung in the gallery; staggered in clusters to fill the spaces as opposed to the more traditional single line of images across the wall . This type of presentation gives the exhibit a more intimate, atmospheric vibe and helps to draw the viewer in to encourage a dialogue about what it means to be a Genius. You can read a fantastic article on Nir Hod regarding his inspiration and objectives behind this exhibit at Art In America Dot Com.

Nir Hod’s Genius is on exhibit through June 18, 2011 at the Paul Kasmin Gallery, located at 293 10th Avenue, at the corner of 27th Street in Manhattan. Gallery Hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM.