Tips For Understanding Millennials

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The misunderstanding of the generation younger than you will always happen. Some people would go as far as to say that different generations are wired differently, and they may be right. Here we will be discovering ways to understand the millennials, or as some would call them, ‘Gen Y.’ Keep reading to find out more.

What Is a Millennial?

A millennial, by definition, is someone who is born between 1981 and 1996, and it’s the first generation that’s grown up in the Internet age. To understand millennials is to have some insights into them and the way they are wired. They are often seen as the most worldly-wise generation, and they have heavily connected lives, which in turn make them highly influenced by the media, which strongly affects millennials. They are the first generation that rejected the 9 to 5 jobs because their Instagram feeds showed them a different type of job.

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Millennial’s Health

There are some reports that show that some millennials have been diagnosed with particular conditions, and knowing this might help to understand the health of the millennials. This generation is more prone to behavioral and mental health conditions, such as psychotic episodes, major depression, and hyperactivity. Mental health in millennials is becoming more of an open conversation as they are the first generation that is aware of it and can identify it. Millennials are most likely to have chronic conditions because they can be prone to unhealthy lifestyles. Understanding this will help with understanding millennials, as empathy goes a long way.

Let’s Talk About It

Alongside health conditions that could occur, there’s something else many millennials are suffering from, and it is called ‘failure to launch syndrome.’ This defines young adults who are struggling to become self-sufficient and gain adult responsibilities, and there are signs to watch out for. One of the signs is struggling with learning when they transition from high school to college, even if they found high school easier. Another sign is a lack of motivation in everything from education and jobs to and even cleanliness. Missing a passion and not having any hobbies or career paths is another sign.

Failure to launch syndrome can be helped when it has been identified. Professionals, such as the Life Adjustment Team, can create a plan that will help them get on the right track. Identifying the syndrome can help you understand your millennial because then you can help them through a potentially difficult situation.


When it comes to the generation of millennials, it can be hard to empathize and understand them, but these tips might help you. Ensure that you understand they may be potentially wired differently, as they are heavily technology-connected and influenced by the media. Also, be aware of the health conditions that are more prominent in their age. Noticing signs of potential failure to launch syndrome can help you understand more, and you can then find the root of the issue and offer assistance.

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