Pink Thing of The Day: The Bellygom Visits NYC!

bellygom at pier 17 photo by gail worley
The Bellygom Visits NYC’s Pier 17 (All Photos By Gail)

How lucky was I that an accidental glance at a friend’s Instagram feed  brought me to Pier 17 at the tail end of a two-day visit by a 50-foot inflatable Pink Bear from Korea, which goes by the name of Bellygom. Answer: so lucky! On the morning of September 21st, I noticed a friend had posted a photo of her with the tall ships of Pier 17 in the background, along with a very large pink teddy bear. The accompanying hashtag simply said “#BellygomNY.” Of course, I had to investigate immediately. Because, Giant Pink Bear.

bellygom with boy photo by gail worley

It turns out, Bellygom is a popular YouTube character created in 2018 by an in-house start-up of Korea’s Lotte Home Shopping Channel. It currently has over 300 million YouTube views and over 1.1 million followers on social media. Way more than me, for sure.

bellygom side view photo by gail worley
I Made Him a Little Pinker Than he is for This Photo

I headed down to the to Seaport after work and took a bunch of photos of Bellygom from all different angles. There was not much of a crowd at that time of day, so I got some good shots! Looking at Bellygom is said to incite feelings of happiness. I can confirm this is true: looking at the Bellygom made me feel extremely happy. You should have seen my face. So happy.

bellygom with signage photo by gail worley

There were a couple of friendly brand representatives on-site, selling Bellygom Merch and answering questions from fans and curious onlookers. Bellygom’s pop-up at the pier was organized to draw attention to the Korea Brand Expo which was held in NY during that same period and to help in Busan’s World Expos 2030 Bid. I hope it helped!

bellygom with building photo by gail worley
bellygom from the back photo by gail worley

Here he is with the Financial District in the background.

bellygom final image photo by gail worley

Thank you Bellygom for being this week’s very special Pink Thing!

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