Yes, It Exists: Elf on The Shelf Claus Couture Line

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All Images Courtesy of Elf on the Shelf

If you have children at home who still believe in Santa Claus, then you may have an Elf on The Shelf who visits each holiday season and makes your kids feel paranoid. Known as Scout Elves, theses elves are distinguished from the rest of Santa’s Helpers by their distinctive red-and-white suit, white collar and pointy hat.

I don’t have kids myself but I get that, for families with rug rats, The Elf on the Shelf is a fun Christmas tradition, even if the point is to make your kids believe that the elves are spying on them (because of that whole Naughty or Nice List that Santa supposedly keeps). Is that effed up? Maybe a little bit. Then again, what does a happily-childless person like me know?

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Here’s the thing: the fact that Elf on The Shelf exists means that it has to have accessories, right? Of course, and now you can take your Elf on The Shelf to the next level with these new additions to an already existing thing, the Elf on The Shelf Claus Couture line. Yes, I just typed that.

Check out the latest ways you can dress-up Santa’s Little Spies:

elf on shelf rainbow fairy

The Magifreez Rainbow Snow Pixie is perfect for little ones who love glitter and rainbows, and the “magifreez” stand seen above helps your elf stand on point without fatigue!

elf on shelf barista

The only thing Scout Elves love more than hot cocoa is donuts (same)! Your Scout Elf can play barista, serving up sweet surprises with the Magifreez Cocoa To Go set, featuring “magifreez standing pants” and all the goodies you see here.

elf on shelf karate kick

If your child takes Karate lessons, or mabye just enjoys kicking things, thrill him or her with the Karate Kicks Set. Look out!

elf on shelf rainbow hoodie

Do you live in California? Then your Scout Elf needs the Groovy Greetings Hoodie. Peace out.

elf on shelf peppermint dress

It’s nice to know that Elf onThe Shelf comes in multiple races, because inclusion. This one looks pretty darn cheerful in her Candy Cane Classic Dress. And who wouldn’t be?

elf on shelf party pack

Do you have pets? Why not splurge and get them into the holiday act with the Dress Up Party Pack for dogs and cats. Oh, what fun it is, because animals love it when you put things on their heads!

All of these sets are super affordable at around $10.95 each, and there are all kinds additional discounts to be had, so get to shopping right now by visiting This Link! Seasons Beatings, Everyone!

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