Get Your Event Marketed Properly Through Brand Activation

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You love challenges in life and are never afraid to back your judgement. You’ve managed to build your own company with the help of others, which is now flourishing.  As a football fan you always dreamed of playing at a good level, but sadly that didn’t happen.

Now you have what you think is a great opportunity, as you’ve been asked to take over the football club that you cheer for. You suspect that it is underachieving, especially in engaging the local community. You aren’t sure how to tap into its potential, but a colleague suggests you need to get the help from experts in event marketing.

Being inexperienced in such matters, you want to learn from professionals who you are sure will make a difference to the interest shown in the club you are now in control of. The word ‘branding’ is used a lot in your initial meeting, and you have heard colleagues in business speak of it without really understanding what they mean; so what is it?

Basically, it involves creating brand awareness so that people recognize a product or, in your case, your football club, and associate it immediately with quality and entertainment. You want your customers and potential supporters to feel an association and sense of trust whenever they see your logo or name in the public domain. You will invariably want to have a club TikTok account and learn marketing tips for it.

Talking about logos, you know just how vital they are to getting brand awareness across, along with a consistent and recognizable typeface. Your current club emblem is a mess, and you want something both smart and uncluttered that stands out whenever it’s seen. You get the expert team that you’re engaging with on the case, and shortly both that and your website are immediately improved.

What better way than to reveal the website’s new look and logo than to have an official launch of the club’s new management? You employ a couple of enthusiasts that support the club to go around to the local schools offering invites, followed by a presence in the local shopping mall. You want everyone to feel welcome and that the club belongs to them and the community. To entice them along you will hold a free raffle, with tickets to a quality local attraction going to the winners.

The launch will go out live online to reach as many people as possible and get the new branding out in the conscience of those whom you’re trying to engage . You’ve already managed to entice a new sponsor to the club, who will get plenty of coverage on the big day, which will then encourage others to get involved and be associated with a successful professional concern.

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Yes, there is plenty to sink your teeth into to make your club successful, but you are making a fantastic start by working with a professional team to deliver top quality event marketing and brand activation.

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