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The Consulting Agency: Your Business Ally

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In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, having expert guidance and strategic planning is essential. With a professional approach, our consulting agency offers insightful and analytical solutions to streamline operations, unlock untapped market potential, enhance the customer experience, and maximize profitability.

By leveraging data-driven insights, we empower your business to thrive and adapt in an ever-evolving landscape.
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Endless Eating at The Summer Fancy Food Show 2023!

gail and chef jacques torres
Nailed It! Me with French Chef and Chocolatier Jacques Torres at SFFS 2023 (All Photos By Gail)

Put on your fat pants, bitches, because we are about to do some serious grazing. The culinary event of the summer has come and gone, leaving our taste buds with memories of euphoric ecstasy. The Summer Fancy Food Show (sponsored by the Specialty Food Association) packed NYC’s magnificent Javits Center for three gustatorily glorious  days in late June.  Boasting an impressive (read: sold out) lineup of over 2,200 makers and manufacturers from six continents, this gastronomic extravaganza showcased the very best of the specialty food and beverage world across a staggering 40-plus categories. It certainly was a lot to digest, but we will do our best to satisfy your cravings for the show’s highlights with our famous Photo Recap. Are you hungry yet?

sffs entry with sofi award statues photo by gail worley
The Specialty Food Association’s Signature Award, The Sofi
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Get Your Event Marketed Properly Through Brand Activation

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Photo by Robo Michalec on Pexels.com

You love challenges in life and are never afraid to back your judgement. You’ve managed to build your own company with the help of others, which is now flourishing.  As a football fan you always dreamed of playing at a good level, but sadly that didn’t happen.

Now you have what you think is a great opportunity, as you’ve been asked to take over the football club that you cheer for. You suspect that it is underachieving, especially in engaging the local community. You aren’t sure how to tap into its potential, but a colleague suggests you need to get the help from experts in event marketing. Continue reading Get Your Event Marketed Properly Through Brand Activation

Top Tips To Increase Your Fan Base

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The media space has become so saturated that artists must inevitably get involved with the promotion of their music. Currently, no musician or  band can do without branding and attracting an audience. For these purposes, free funds and many different techniques are available. You’ll have to use all these tools if you wish to bring your music to your target audience and achieve fame.

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Emberify: Why Should Freelance Designers Use Instagram?

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Instagram is a platform that’s used by many businesses for marketing and advertising purposes. The platform lets them grow a client base, and further bolsters their business by drastically promoting their brand to a large audience. Instagram provides various features such as Posts, Reels, and Stories that you can use to create unique content and impress your audience. Instagram Reels, especially, get more reach, which is why creators use them regularly to promote their content. You can also opt to buy instagram likes and views to boost your Reels organically.
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