Ten Flowers Photographed in the Rain

flowering tree in the rain photo by gail worley
Not an Oil Painting: Flowering Tree in The Rain (All Photos By Gail)

We haven’t had much of a winter in NYC, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to spring! In fact, the siting of 14th street’s first flowering tree of the season made me think back to  May of 2019, when my pal Jamie and I made plans to attend the annual Cherry Blossom Festival (Sakura Matsuri) at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The fact that it happened to be pouring down rain that day did not dampen our adventurous spirits!

purple pom pom flower photo by gail worley
Purple Pom Pom

Until this year’s blossoms can be digitally captured for future posts, please enjoy these ten blooms that couldn’t be deterred by the raindrops.

candytuft white flowers photo by gail worley

These tiny-petaled flower clusters are called Candytuft.

pansies photo by gail worley
Purple and Yellow Pansies

cherry blossoms photo by gail worley

Just one of many varieties of Cherry Blossoms you’ll see during Sakura at the Brooklyn Botanic!

orange flowering cactus photo by gail worley

This beautiful Flowering Cactus avoided the rain by being inside the conservatory building!

purple orchids photo by gail worley

pink peony in the rain photo by gail worley

What a gorgeous white Peony with just a touch of red in its center!

pink fringe tulip photo by gail worley

This lovely lady is a Fringed Tulip!

red and white striped tulip photo by gail worley
Red and White Striped Tulip

yellow daffodils photo by gail worley

The Yellow Daffodil in all of its variations is possibly the number one flower of spring here in the city, but of course that is open to debate. Happy (almost) spring, everyone!

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