Everything You Must Know About Driving Abroad

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When planning to travel abroad in your car or rent it on the spot, you need to remember which rules you should observe, and what awaits a driver in case of violation of local traffic rules.

If you’re going to move to another country for permanent residence or stay there for several months, you need to delve into the issue in more detail — from obtaining a local driving license to finding a proven car service center. For instance, if you decide to move to Dubai, then you should take into account the standard of living, possible costs for fuel and toll roads, car rental, prices for car scanning and diagnostics in particular, and cost of car repairing service in general (if you have your own vehicle). It won’t be superfluous to keep in mind which auto electrical repair to contact in case of an unforeseen situation and what fines you can get for traffic violations.

In this article, we will talk about those nuances that you should pay attention to when traveling for a short period but which will also be useful for those who are going to stay abroad for much longer. Let’s go!

1. Driving License

The first thing to take care of when traveling abroad is an international driver’s license. It’s also worth remembering that an international driving license can only be used in conjunction with a national one (the one you use in your home country). In addition, not all countries accept driver’s licenses from other states. Therefore you will have to obtain a local document. In some tourist cities and places, this is quite easy to do. And somewhere you have to go through a full course of study, but this is already for those who are going to spend much more time in another country than just a two-week vacation.

If you’re required to have a local driving license when renting a car abroad, it’s better to hire a driver or travel by taxi. If you can still rent a car without permission, you can’t avoid problems with the local police.

2. Rules of the Road

If you are an experienced driver in your hometown, this doesn’t mean you can also feel confident driving in another country. It’s all about local traffic rules, road signs, driving culture, driving direction (left-hand or right-hand), and many other nuances tourists learn about when driving onto a busy road. Study local laws, traffic rules, and possible fines and read the stories of other travelers before you go on a trip. Think whether you are ready to drive in a foreign country.

3. Insurance

If you are going to travel by your car, then a good and expensive insurance polis is a must-have, which will save you from huge expenses in case of an unforeseen situation. Therefore, choose a reliable insurance company and choose the best option for your trip.

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If you are going to rent a car on vacation, then, as a rule, insurance is already included in the rental price. Your task is to clarify with the car rental company what exactly this type of insurance covers. Many offer more advanced options for an additional fee. Moreover, don’t buy insurance for your rental car from a third-party insurer. This is an unreliable option since there are no guarantees that the intermediary will fulfill the insurance obligations and cover the damage if necessary.

4. Payment

It’s also worth noting that car rentals can block a certain sum on your bank card until your return the car to the company. This is done in case of force majeure and to ensure your solvency. Therefore, when choosing a rental, be sure to specify the sum you need to have in your bank account. The deposit is fully returned to you later.

Summing Up

The list of nuances that would also be good to pay attention to when renting a car abroad includes the possibility of free cancellation, mileage restrictions, the possibility of crossing the border on this car, the type of engine and gearbox, car options with air conditioning, etc. Car rental companies charge extra money for a driver who is too young or old. This is also worth considering. In some countries, you won’t be able to rent a car if you are not 23 years old or have no driving experience.

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Of course, it all depends on the destination. Therefore, after determining it, take a couple of evenings to study the issue and the main nuances of driving in the chosen country.

We wish you the best of luck, and safe roads!

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