Eddie Howell’s Man From Manhattan LP Featuring Freddie Mercury Gets US Release

man from manhattan album cover

Wow, here’s some unexpected news that should give a little thrill especially to old-school Queen fans out there (i.e. up to and including  1978’s Jazz). There’s a wee bit of music that Freddie Mercury and Brian May had a hand in that US fans have likely not heard before, but are about to get the chance to.

Eddie Howell, the renowned English musician and songwriter, along with MCM Global Team are proud to announce the upcoming release of his new LP entitled Man From Manhattan. The title track was originally produced by Mercury in 1976, and features the legendary Queen front man on piano and backing vocals, with Brian May playing lead guitar. The song’s initial release was met with success in the UK and Europe, but was never release stateside due to a Musicians Union ban.

Now, after regaining the rights to “Man From Manhattan” from Warner Bros Records, Howell has breathed new life into the recording . The original multi-track tape has been digitally transferred, remixed, and remastered at Abbey Road Studios, with state-of-the-art recording techniques and technology. The result is a stunning special-edition boxed  set, to be released by MCM Global Team. The release includes a Dolby Atmos version of the title track, unique memorabilia, and ten additional tracks from the period.

The first 5000 copies of Man From Manhattan’s special edition release will be pressed on 180 gram white vinyl, available exclusively for pre-order at themanfrommanhattan.com.

Reflecting on the original recording experience, Howell recalls Freddie turning to him after the final playback of the recording and saying, “If this is not a hit dear, sue Warner Bros.” While he never did sue Warner Bros., all these years later, he’s proud to release this record to put things right and commemorate a snapshot of musical history that has been lost in time.

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