Pink Thing of The Day: Tito, Harold and Carl Budz Resin Figures

canna goodz budz photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Five Points Fest 2023 is officially behind us now and, man, was it ever all kinds of crazy fun. As a teaser leading up to my grand photo recap of the entire show (coming soon) here’s this week’s Pink Thing.

Meet Tito, Harold and Carl who are Budz (get it?) that reside in their own custom Pink Pill Container when they are not hanging out being friendly. Budz stand 1″ high and are handcast resin in a Purple/Pink swirl, glow-in-the-dark Bodega Bubblegum colorway designed as a Five Points Fest exclusive. Tito, Harold and Carl are also available as Mini Budz standing 1/2″ high (also with their own Pink Pill Bottle case), seen above, lower left. Oh the cuteness.

The Budz are brought to life by Canned Goodz, a brand known for its unique and collectible art objects, designer toys, and mesmerizing lights. Jason Forbes (@the_jfo), the creative mind behind Canned Goodz has skillfully crafted these delightful characters, and their popularity is soaring. If you’re enchanted by their whimsical appeal and would love to have a custom colorway designed by Jason himself, you can inquire about the possibilities at This Link!

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