Shark Attack Winged Creature

nimbus shark by junk fed photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

I saw a ton of fantastic art toys at Five Points Festival, but this Yellow Winged Shark figure by Todd Rogers of Junk Fed toys spoke to me in a way maybe only one or two other toys did. So, I had to give him a stand-alone Shark Attack post, because come on: this toy is just insane!

Todd calls this guy a Nimbus Shark, and here’s what it says about him on Instagram:

[Here we have a] Scientific model of a Nimbus Shark, or Canary Shark as it was colloquially known. Once native to Woonsocket Rhode island, the Nimbus Shark could be found perched on the rocks of the craggy shoreline or circling the skies above strip malls hunting for prey. Sadly, the Nimbus Shark is now extinct, but you can get this keepsake statuette exclusively at Five Points Festival.

I hope he went to a good home!

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