Modern Art Monday Presents: Sarah Sze, Red Rotation

sarah sze red rotation photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Sarah Sze is best known for dazzlingly intricate installations of found objects, light, and sound. She brings a similar magpie tendency and skittering energy to her work as a painter. In Red Rotation (2020), Sze collages suggestively related images onto the surface three wood panels. Each panel varies slightly in depth, creating a stepped progression seen when the work is viewed from the side.

Cut or torn apart, and then rearranged in vertical stripes, the components of Red Rotation form a fragmented landscaped turned ninety degrees. Its frenetic overlay of images with disparate qualities may evoke the heterogeneity of the Internet; the composition – binding together collage, screen printing, and squeegee painting with snippets of painters tape – nonetheless, seems delicate, handmade, and provisional.

Photographed in the Jewish Museum in Manhattan.

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