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Top Ten Spoilers From Last Night’s Episode of Big Love


Are you watching Big Love? Holy shit! Could this season be any more intense? While I’m still weepy from Kathy’s murder and wondering what the fuck happened to Anna, here what they laid on us just last night:


1.         Nicki apparently gave up custody of a daughter when she got “unsealed” from her first husband, JJ (who is also Wanda’s brother).


2.        Ted is a dick.


3.        Cindy is a dick.


4.         Hollis and Selma Green (who, let’s be honest, are insanely creepy) kidnapped Cindy and Ted’s adopted daughter, Kim Li.


5.        Sarah and Scott are boinking again. I hope they are smart enough to use birth control this time.


6.        Joey disowned Bill as his brother.


7.        Alby seriously plans to kill his parents.


8.        Nicki is under investigation for obstruction of justice for interfering with the witnesses in Roman’s trial.


9.        Barb got excommunicated from the Mormon Church.


10.     Bill wants a divorce from Nicki.


I love this show!! Stay tuned in for the season finale next Sunday!

Kitchen Nightmares: Coming to America

Hail Seitan

I missed most of this past season of Hell’s K itchen due to me being otherwise visually occupied with HBO’s Big Love — one of my very favorite shows. But thankfully my sister turned me on to Chef Gordon Ramsey’s BBC series Kitchen Nightmares (Thursdays at 8:00 PM on BBC America) , a show which masquearades as being more tasteful, but actually has just about as much swearing and back stabbing. And while it’s not likely to be as smashing as the original, Fox is set to debut an American version of Nightmares on September 19th. Unless that conflicts with the debut of Survivor: China! I’m making my reservations now.

Best New TV Show In The Universe: Flight of The Conchords!

“You’re so beautiful…you could be a part-time model…”

Are you watching HBO’s hilarious new show, Flight of The Conchords? Oh my god, it is so awesome. I watch it every Sunday after Entourage and then when Tracy comes over on Monday nights to watch, Big Love with me, she makes sure to arrive at The Chickpad half an hour early so we can watch Flight of The Conchords again together. Then we talk about it and sing the songs to each other all week.

Watch a clip of the guys performing “Bowie Song” from their regular club routine after the jump!
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