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RIP Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer

Blue Cheer 2008
Peterson in 2008 With Blue Cheer Band Mates Paul Whaley and Duck MacDonald.

Blue Cheer bassist and lead singer Richard Allan “Dickie” Peterson has passed away on October 12th, in Erkelenz, Germany, where he lived, after a long fight against cancer. He was 63. I had Dinner with Dickie and other members of Blue Cheer a couple of years ago, and he was a really cool guy. More info from Blue Cheer’s publicist after the jump.

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My Dinner With Blue Cheer


Blue Cheer

I Sat Next to the Guy on the Left. And yes, he still has all his hair.

When I was in college, and for a few years after I graduated, I had an amazingly progressive, eccentric and entertaining boyfriend named Mark. I met Mark when we were both DJs at the campus radio station (KUCI FM in Irvine), and we had a pretty wild ride together. I was the same elitist hipster doofus about music back then that I am today. I thought I knew absolutely everything about every band or album that was worth listening to, and if I didn’t dig it, it didn’t need to be dug. But Mark had been raised by acid-dropping hippy parents, and he was actually able to turn me on to music I was completely unfamiliar with at the time, such as the first two Alice Cooper albums, The Fugs and a power trio that were often lauded as the supposed originators of the Heavy Metal Sound, Blue Cheer.  

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