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Breaking Bad Cocktail: The Blue Sky

Blue Sky Cocktail
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Just one more day of waiting until the beginning of the end: meaning the bittersweet final epsiodes of Breaking Bad, a TV show so amazing, it needs custom cocktails created it its honor! Thrillist Dot Com has posted a few intriguing recipes for potent potables — including The Blue Sky, The Mr. White and The Captain Cook — that you can shake up for your upcoming Breaking Bad viewing parties, as we drink our way to a very sad day.

Here’s how to make one of them:

Blue Sky Cocktail
•1.5oz Pisco brandy
•1/4oz Absinthe
•1/2oz lemon juice
•3/4oz Orgeat
•1 egg white
•1/4oz Blue Curaçao

For a little crystal blue persuasion, just pour everything but the soda into a shaker (without ice), then jostle that sucker until the egg’s all foamy. When the chemical balance of cold and blue is complete, pour it into a glass, top it with crushed ice, then fill it with soda until the foam reaches the top. Garnish it with 99.1% pure blue rock candy.

For additonal recipes and photos visit This Link!

Ode to Kenley Collins

Inspired by last night’s episode of Project Runway

Sung to the tune of “Brandy” by Looking Glass

There’s a girl, in this harbor town
and she works, stitching clothes and gowns.
They say, “Kenley, don’tcha whine and frown”
She makes them a bubble skirt.
The tailors say “Kenley, you’re a fine girl
What a good designer you would be
But your voice makes Nina Garcia
Leave the set.”

(dooda-dit-dooda), (dit-dooda-dit-dooda-dit)

Kenley, does her Bettie Page
Jet black hair, the 1940s rage.
Silk flower, pinned up in her hair
And blood red lipstick, too.

He left, on a summer’s day
In a tugboat, going far away
He made it clear, he couldn’t stay
No harbor was his home.”

Confession: I found these lyrics – unaccredited – on some fan board earlier today and changed them up a bit! If you are the original writer let me know and I’ll give you props!)