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Safe Enough for Work: Balloon Dog Condoms Having Sex

You might want to check the volume on this, as there is a lot of squeaking.

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Marky Ramone Shils for New Condom Company!!

Marky Ramone

“Hey Ho, Condoms 2 Go!”

I’ve been making a concerted effort to leave my fucking apartment more often (i.e. more often than never) now that the weather is pleasantly warmer and going outside does not require wearing twenty additional layers of clothing. Last night I was invited to a party that I suspected would be pretty cool, since it promised to feature all of the things I like in a party; free booze, free snacks, boutique hotels, condoms and Legendary Rock Stars! I was so there! It seems that the last living Ramone, Marky (the drummer, natch) has lent his Ramones-ness to a new line of safe sex kits by Ready Two Go. The kits contain two condoms hidden in a tiny little black tin (for that discretion you totally demand) with The Ramones’ logo on the front (because you want to Rock Those Condoms!

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Bend it Like Beckham

Non Toxic!

I’m not sure if this ad is real or not, but according to this article from Yahoo News people in China can now purchase a box of nearly lead-free condoms with David Beckham’s picture on it! Personally, I would just like to have sex with the box.