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Hey! Ho! Let’s Go: Ramones and the Birth of Punk at the Queens Museum

The Ramones By Shepard Farley
L to R: Dee Dee, Tommy, Joey, and Johnny. Portraits of the Original Ramones by Shepard Fairey (All Photos By Gail)

Hey, do you love The Ramones? I sure do; so much so, that I even made the trek, by subway train and foot, all the way out to Flushing Meadows, Corona Park (a long, long ass way) to visit the Queens Museum, where there is a newly-opened exhibit that is all about Forest Hills, Queens favorite sons, the legendary Ramones. Hey! Ho! Let’s Go: Ramones and the Birth of Punk, as you can imagine by the title, is pretty sweet.

Queens Museum Crowd
This is Just The Crowd Waiting to Get In to the Exhibit

On the exhibit’s opening day (April 10th) I journeyed out to Queens with an aggregate group of enthusiastic  Ramones Fans, and when we arrived at the museum there was one line to buy tickets to get into the museum, and then another line just to get into the galleries that are showcasing the Ramones exhibit. Holy Mother of god, do I hate waiting on line(s). Fortunately, I know the right people, and one of those people is my friend Anne, who is good pals with Vera Ramone King (Dee Dee Ramone’s first wife, who is a lovely lady) and so we were able to get some Hot VIP Action and skip at least 90 minutes in “The Line Ride,” as I will call it. Mad props to Anne and Vera!

Gail Vera Jana

Here I am with Vera, and musician/songwriter Jana Peri!

Art By Yoshitomo Nara
Art By Yoshitomo Nara That was Commissioned For This Exhibit

In this expansive exhibit, the four original RamonesJoey, Johnny, Tommy and Dee Dee — are most widely represented, along with Tommy’s replacement, drummer Marky Ramone (who had the longest tenure with the band outside of the original four founders), and to a lesser extent members who came along later in the band’s career, CJ and Richie, who show up in a few places. Not unexpectedly, the exhibit’s opening day was a complete madhouse and total party scene. You will learn so much about The Ramones as a group, and about each of them as people, when you visit this exhibit, but I’m going to skip all of that, because I  know that everyone really only wants to see the photos. Enjoy!

Ramones Map

One of the first things you will see when you enter the first of four galleries is this fun, specially commissioned cartoon map by Punk Magazine co-founder John Holmstrom, tracing the band’s path from Forest Hills to the downtown nightclub CBGB.

Ramones Albums
Covers of All of the Ramones Albums

The first gallery is dedicated to the band’s songs and records, as well as memorabilia, swag, props, photos and magazines documenting the very first articles ever written on the band. The exhibit also celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the release of the first Ramones album!

Installation View
Installation View of First Gallery

Johnny Ramone Red T Shirt
Johnny Ramone’s Red T Shirt from the Cover of End of the Century

More Ramones Mania After The Jump!

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July 15th Birthdays in The World Of Rock

Marky Ramone

Ramones’ Drummer Marky Ramone (born Marc Bell) was born on this day, July 15th, in 1956. Coincidentally, Ian Curtis of Joy Division was also born on this date in 1956. Curtis passed away quite tragically on May 18, 1980, having committed suicide by hanging himself. Johnny Thunders (born John Genzale) of The New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers was born on this date in 1952. He died of a drug overdose (though some say it was murder) on April 23, 1991. It’s always sad to lose someone so charismatic and talented in their prime. Let us all take a few minutes (at least) today to celebrate the lives and music of these three influential musicians!

Marky Ramone Shils for New Condom Company!!

Marky Ramone

“Hey Ho, Condoms 2 Go!”

I’ve been making a concerted effort to leave my fucking apartment more often (i.e. more often than never) now that the weather is pleasantly warmer and going outside does not require wearing twenty additional layers of clothing. Last night I was invited to a party that I suspected would be pretty cool, since it promised to feature all of the things I like in a party; free booze, free snacks, boutique hotels, condoms and Legendary Rock Stars! I was so there! It seems that the last living Ramone, Marky (the drummer, natch) has lent his Ramones-ness to a new line of safe sex kits by Ready two Go. The kits contain two condoms hidden in a tiny little black tin (for that discretion you totally demand) with The Ramones’ logo on the front (because you want to Rock Those Condoms!

Due to the fact that I suffer from Terminal Punctuality Disease, I was the first guest to arrive at the party, which allowed me get a Cosmopolitan before the lines were 20 people deep at the bar. I was also fortunate to snag some one-on-one face time with Marky. Man was I ever surprised to discover that he is, in fact, The Coolest Guy on the Planet. I’m serious! Mark spent at least fifteen minutes talking to me about what kinds of drums he likes, why Rock & Roll High School is the greatest movie musical of all time, and how much fun it is to be over 40, all while shooing away other sycophants and hangers on. So awesome! Mark (which I am a allowed to call him, because we are friends now) returned to our conversation many times over the course of the evening, signed the above photo for me and didn’t punch me in the face when I mistook his wife for his publicist. What a prince! He even gave me an air kiss on the cheek when I left. Once I got back home, I felt all giddy like a little school girl and had a crush on him for about two hours. This morning, I was normal again.

Ramones Condoms

VQPR and projekt:nyc, in association with Ready two Go Condoms and Marky Ramone announce ANYWAYYOUWANTIT ; an invite only media event for the east coast launch of the Marky Ramone Safer Sex Kit . This event will be held on Thursday, June 05, 2008 at New York City’s Hotel QT from 7pm – 9pm and will be hosted by Marky Ramone. Mr. Ramone will offer interviews as well as spin a rare DJ set of classic punk rock hits. Ramone has unveiled a signature series of safer sex kits as a means to reach sexually active youth and adults in a cool, hip way; getting the message out about safer sex practices through the power of music and pop culture.

Each kit contains two Lifestyles condoms, lubricant and an STD resource card – packaged inside a discreet metal tin with Marky Ramone emblem printed on the front with a tagline that says Too Tuff To Break. The kit was produced in partnership with Minneapolis-based organization Ready two Go. “The world has lost too many people to STDs of all types and that is why I joined up with Ready two Go for my signature series of safer sex tins,” says Marky Ramone. “We knew we needed a strong voice to help us get the message out about safe sex,” says Brad Hanson, founder and CEO of Ready two Go. “After we had the opportunity to meet with Marky Ramone and truly understand why he wanted to have a safer sex kit, we knew that we all had one common; to spread the love and contain STDs.”

From 7pm – 8pm on Thursday, June 05, 2008, select members of the press will be invited to a cocktail reception with Marky Ramone and the Ready two Go team. From 8pm – 9pm, celebrity guests and VIPs will join the press and will be treated to a special guest DJ set by Mr. Ramone himself. At 8:45, Mr. Ramone will announce the winner of the raffle for VIP guests and press. The winner of the raffle will receive a gift basket that will consist of a Ramones t-shirt, a bikini (made of an authentic Ramones t-shirt) courtesy of Vin-T-Bikini, a bottle of 42 Below Vodka, a signed copy of the Raw DVD and a pair of Marky Ramone Signature Vic Firth Drum Sticks. Throughout the evening, The Ramones DVD, Raw will be looped on the projection -screen above the T’s pool. Sponsored products will be given away throughout the night, including bikinis made of Ready two Go t-shirts, custom made by Robin Macy of Vint-T-Bikini. All guests will receive gift bags that will include t-shirts and the Marky Ramone kit on their way out.

After recording two hard rock albums with the band Dust, Mark Bell got into the punk scene in the early 70s. For a short while he played drums for Wayne County, followed by Richard Hell & the Voidoids, who recorded the Blank Generation. In 1978, after two years with the Voidoids, the Ramones brought drummer Marc Bell on board as Marky Ramone. His tenure with the Ramones spanned a total of 15 years and included 10 studio albums and 1,700 shows in which he played. Marky has received the MTV Lifetime Achievement award and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is the Executive Producer of Ramones Raw; the definitive Ramones DVD which has gone Gold in three countries and Billboard Top 5 in music DVD sales. He has been a guest character on The Simpsons and starred in the cult classic Rock and Roll High School.
Marky has recorded with legendary producer Phil Spector, and was fortunate enough to record with Joey Ramone on his solo album before he passed away. He shows no signs of slowing down as he continues to tour around the world with his band and as a Dj. His show, Marky Ramone’s Punk Rock Blitzkrieg is on Sirius Satellite radio.

Ready two Go, established in 2006, is a mission-based organization built on the single goal of preventing HIV and other STD’s. The company develops lines of stylish and discreet safer sex tins and continues to innovate new designs to keep up with trendsetters worldwide. Ready two Go makes it easy to be spontaneous and safe every time. The company’s mission is to promote safe sex by providing cost-effective tools that are discreet, convenient and fun. The company’s executives are available for educational engagements, to speak on the importance of safe sex practices. Ready two Go also support organizations that promote social change through philanthropic efforts. The products are distributed through wholesale accounts, hotels, mass retail, non-profit strategic alliances and on the internet through its website, readytwogo.net.