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Album of the Year: MGMT’s Congratulations!

OK, I realize it’s not even April yet, but I’m predicting now that there will be no better album released in the year 2010 than MGMT’s sophomore release, Congratulations; due to drop officially on April 13th. Downloads of Congratulations first leaked all over the Internet weeks ago, so of course this work of sheer aural bliss found its way to me, as things of great genius tend to do. Being blessed with a pair of old-school rock and roll ears, these nine heavily 60s and 70s influenced tracks appealed to me on first listen. Yes, this album is a massive departure from the dense electro-pop of Oracular Spectacular – which was my favorite album of 2008. And in this case, change is good.

According to the band, the songs on Congratulations were primarily inspired by surfing. That much is obvious from the opening track, “It’s Working” which draws heavily from classic surf instrumentals by The Ventures and Dick Dale. Ah, simply sublime. There’s a pervading sense of psychedelia throughout the CD as well, which reminded me early on of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, The Lovin’ Spoonful and, to name a more contemporary influence, Israeli rockers Rock Four (recommended: check out their 2007 release Memories of The Never Happened, which is just amazing). There is even an homage to Brian Eno. Brian Fucking Eno, I shit you not. Track Listing for Congratulations is as follows:

1. “It’s Working”
2. “Song for Dan Treacy”
3. “Someone’s Missing”
4. “Flash Delirium”
5. “I Found a Whistle”
6. “Siberian Breaks”
7. “Brian Eno”
8. “Lady Dada’s Nightmare”
9. “Congratulations”

A lot of people whose taste is all in their mouths are whining about how this album sucks because it doesn’t sound like nine different versions of “Kids,” but they can all go fuck themselves because MGMT’s Congratulations is the best album of the year!