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Check Out Dennis Dunaway Dot Com!

Dennis Dunaway Live and GB 

Hello Hurray! Original Alice Cooper bassist, Dennis Dunaway has a brand new website up. It’s great to see that Dennis, who is one of the most amazing bass players to ever walk the planet, finally has a web presence. Everybody knows that I’m a huge Alice Cooper Band freak and Dennis was one of my first childhood rock star crushes. And if you want to read more about that, check out Part One and then Part Two of my rad interview with Dennis!


Dennis Dunaway, Bassist, Alice Cooper

The integrity with which Gail conducted our interview assured me that she was genuinely interested in what made our band tick. She already understood that Alice Cooper was a band and had detailed knowledge of our history. She was familiar with album cuts and even knew what basses I played. Her pertinent questions and personable conduct made my answers flow freely and candidly. That level of professionalism surely rings true in all her interviews.