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Recommended Listening: Rick Tedesco’s A Light In The Attic

Aside from owning and operating one of Connecticut’s premier custom guitar shops, The Guitar Hangar, guitarist Rick Tedesco is probably best known for his work with recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Alice Cooper bassist Dennis Dunaway. When the Dennis Dunaway Project declined to finish recording its sophomore album, Tedesco took his songs, enlisting the assistance of some of his fellow Connecticut musicians, and recorded his first solo effort with A Light In The Attic. It was probably a good move on his part. Light is an album that should appeal to a lot of classic rock fans who dig heavy guitar rock with melodic sensibilities as heard in the music of bands like Dream Theater, Styx, Blue Oyster Cult and even some of the stronger hair metal bands of the late 80s, such as Winger. Where Tedesco’s project stands out over the previous Dennis Dunaway Project album (Bones From The Yard) is in its more consistent songwriting and thematic tone, elevated by Rick’s superior vocal talents. Far from sounding like just another home studio-recorded project, the production values on this album are extremely impressive!

The album kicks off with “Fireball” – a momentous tale of impending Armageddon, (actually penned by Dunaway), and the album doesn’t slack off for a moment through the remaining 11 tracks. Guest musicians on Light include Dunaway, contributing bass on several tracks, as well as former Dennis Dunaway Project members Ed Burns and Russ Wilson, guitarist Doug Wahlberg (The Doug Wahlberg Band), drummer Rich Genovese and the legendary Ian Hunter, a longtime friend of Tedesco’s, who plays organ on “The Night is Coming.” A couple of the standout tracks are the ones that pay homage to the Monster Ballads of the 80s, such as “Pain” and “Drowning,” which starts out sounding very similar to Led Zeppelin’s stunning “10 Years Gone” – and that’s high praise indeed. I also really enjoyed the album’s closing track “Church of Sinners” for its very fun James Bond-feel outtro.

If you’re not hearing the music you love on the radio – and let’s be honest, who is these days? – Rick Tedesco’s A Light In The Attic may satisfy your classic rock fix. A Light In The Attic is available online at Guitar Hangar Dot Com, from CD Baby and on iTunes.

Happy Birthday, Ian Hunter!

Ian Hunter, Mott The Hoople

Ian Hunter, Singer for Mott The Hoople, was born on this day, June 3rd, in 1939, wow! Read my awesome interview with Ian from way back in the year 2000 at This Link. Happy Birthday, Ian!

Happy Birthday, Mick Ronson!


Play Don’t Worry

Guitarist, arranger, songwriter, producer and famous sideman Mick Ronson, who lost his battle with liver cancer in 1993, was born on this, May 26th, in 1946. Famous for his guitar work with Ian Hunter as well as David Bowie’s flamboyant Spiders From Mars, Ronson defined a style which has inspired many musicians through the years and was honored by Rolling Stone magazine, who voted him the 64th Greatest Guitar Player of all Time. Celebrate his birthday today by keeping his memory alive!

Remembering Mick Ronson

On This Day, April 29th in 1993: Mick Ronson, guitarist for David Bowie, Ian Hunter, Lou Reed and Bob Dylan died of liver cancer in the U.K. He was 46 years old. Ronson was one of the most lyrical hard rock guitarists ever, and he was so gorgeous.

Ian Hunter Celebrates New CD with Party at John Varvatos’ Soho Store!

Ian Hunter Shrunken Heads CD
“Move Over, ‘Cause You’re Standing In My Light”

This past Wednesday I had a total blast going out to a CD release party for Legendary Rock God Ian Hunter. I was invited to this hipster hang by my pal Katherine, who produces Alice Cooper’s nightly syndicated radio program, appropriately titled Nights with Alice Cooper — thanks Katherine! The party was held in the John Varvatos clothing boutique on Spring Street down in Soho, so it was very swanky. Right away I ran into my old sidekick Tommy Rocker and his lovely lady Leona, and we got caught up on each other’s lives as party goers sipped refreshing Greyhounds (vodka and grapefruit juice, so tasty) and ate delicious bite sized snacks amid racks of fragrant leather jackets and overpriced jeans.

Dennis Dunaway (bassist, original Alice Cooper band) was also there with his wife Cindy, and I spent some time hanging out with them since I sort of know them already. It feels kind of surreal to say that, because I had such a hard crush on Dennis when I was 12 years old and Billion Dollar Babies had just been released. But the hilarious thing is that when somebody asked Dennis, “Do you know anybody here?” He replied, “Well, I know the band, and I know Gail.” Seriously.

The similarly legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen was also there. He is impossible to miss even in a crowd of rabid scenesters, because he’s on TV all the time and has such a distinctive look. Bob (along with guys like Mick Rock) took a lot of the photos of all the classic rockers — too many to name — which have become icons of the era. I have a few of his shots of my friend Neal Smith on display in the Chickpad. Bob has the eye, as they say.

About an hour into this festive shindig, Ian performed a short set of tunes from his new CD, Shrunken Heads plus an awesome rendition of “All The Young Dudes,” which is my favorite song of all time. That song changed my life, and I was standing about five feet from Ian when he sang it that night. It was so cool. Ian is one-of-a-kind and I will adore him until I die.