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Jimmy Kimmel Is My Hero!

Hey, remember when terribly unfunny comedian Jay Leno retired from Late Night TV and passed the torch to Conan O’Brien? And then he took the show back? What huge dick move. This clip of Jimmy Kimmel’s recent appearance on Jay Leno’s crappy “Ratings Poison” talk show has been viral for few days now, but I just had to post it where I can watch it whenever I need a good, hearty, sadistic belly laugh. Today, we are all Jimmy Kimmel! Freedom!

Sarah and Jimmy: No Longer Effing

Sad ClownsSad Clowns

It’s no secret that I’m a serious romantic sap-a-holic: all “in love with love” and shit like that. It’s pretty ridiculous. So I am understandably beyond devastated and completely inconsolable, having just heard the news that one of my favorite show biz couples,Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel, have broken up. Man, this is a drag. They looked so cute together and they were both politically incorrect comedians! How can you not make that work? Maybe the break-up had something to do with the fact that Jimmy was Fucking Ben Affleck.