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Happy Birthday, Rat Scabies of The Damned!

The Damned Circa the Machine Gun Etiquette Tour, 1979

Rat Scabies (born Christopher Miller), former drummer for The Damned was born on this day, July 30th, in 1957. In other news, you can read my interview with The Damned’s Captain Sensible from 2001 at This Link!

The Beatles’ Yesterday and Today First Charted On This Day in 1965!

Beatles Butcher Cover
Original Butcher Cover: Sells Today For Up To $10,000

On This Date, July 30th in 1965: The Beatles’ 10th album Yesterday and Today went to number one on the Billboard 200 album chart for the first of five consecutive weeks. Of course, this album is most famous for its original raw-meat-and-dismembered-baby-doll-flaunting Butcher Cover, which was soon recalled and replaced with a very bland image depicting the Beatles looking very bored and stoned (seriously, check out Paul’s nose). Controversy!

Beatles Y and T cover
Replacement Cover:  Sells for Around $10.00