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Video Clip of The Week: Eagulls, “Skipping”

It’s always fun to have a favorite band return for an encore appearance, and today we are featuring a brand new clip from Leeds UK-based badasses, Eagulls, who made their first appearance here in the Video Clip of The Week way back in January of 2014! It literally seems like just yesterday, because we have no sense of the passage of time! Continue reading Video Clip of The Week: Eagulls, “Skipping”

Optical Illusion Vinyl LP

Optical Illusion Vinyl LP
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Look at this crazy thing. Just look at it. Keep Looking.

How to Make Sure I Do Not Review Your Record

Fuck You Brokencyde Note

An excellent way to ensure that I do not review your record is to include a note like the one above in the envelope. The hearts are a nice touch, but yeah, not happening.