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Life is Strange: An Interview with Producer & Musician Larry Dvoskin

Back in 2003, when I was working exclusively as a freelance journalist, I received a call from the editor of the alternative weekly newspaper Nashville Scene, which is basically Nashville, Tennessee’s version of NYC’s Village Voice. The editor was looking for a writer to cover NYC-based auditions taking place for an in-development Reality TV program: a talent search not unlike American Idol, which would focus on the discovery of America’s first openly gay country singing star. The brains behind American Pride, as the show was to be called, was a veteran record producer, songwriter, and musician named Larry Dvoskin, who at the time had just received a Gold Record award for producing Meredith Brooks‘ latest album. While I was doing research for the Nashville Scene article (which became one of that publication’s most controversial cover stories of the year) I interviewed Dvoskin multiple times and found him to be a charming and complex individual with a deep cache of behind-the-music style stories juicier than those told by the most seasoned rock stars I’d interviewed. Larry was a gas, and although American Pride was never successfully sold to television (a shame, really), he’s continued to seek out new creative endeavors while producing and writing songs for other artists.

This year, Larry Dvoskin finally gathered up a selection of his own songs, accumulated over the course of his career, and, with the help of friends, recorded his first solo CD project, entitled Life is Strange. In an exclusive interview conducted with me for Ink 19.com, Larry Dvoskin talked about what lead to the creation of Life is Strange, reminisced about his colorful career in various facets of the music industry, dished out advice for the up-and-coming artist and, of course, shared some good road stories as well.

Read My Fun Interview with Larry Dvoskin now at This Link.

Gail and Geoffrey’s Excellent Gay Pride Adventure!

Wonder Woman Costume from Met Superheroes Exhibit

This weekend was Gay Pride here in NYC, and Geoffrey and I celebrated by having a ridiculously fun Sunday adventure that will heretofore be known as “The Gayest Day Ever.” Just because it sounds more fun that way!

First, I picked up Geoffrey at his apartment and we traveled uptown by train and bus (experiencing excellent Mass Transit Karma) to 5th Avenue and 82nd street, arriving at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unless you have ADD, you might recall that I have already blogged about The Met at least three times in the past week, because it is so awesome. Our first stop at the Met was to hit the roof garden for my second viewing in three days of the Jeff Koons sculpture exhibit, Koons on the Roof.

Giant Balloon Dog and Me

We spent a few hours in the museum until we became comatose from over-exposure to too much rad art. I highly recommend the Superhero Costume exhibit, which was just insane.


Geoffrey took some great pictures, even though you weren’t supposed to, and he kept getting yelled at. Go Geoffrey, you wild Rebel, you!

Geoffrey and Koon’s Sacred Heart Sculpture

Jeff Koons’ Coloring Book Sculpture

After we tired of looking at art we went back down town to dine at our very favorite Cuban restaurant, Havana Chelsea, or Chelsea Havana. Whatever it’s called, the food is beyond delicious! We stuffed our faces with fried chicken cutlets, red beans, yellow rice and fried plantains – pausing occasionally to grunt at each other – until we could barely waddle back out on to the street to mingle with the happy gays celebrating their pride! Yay!


But we were not done yet! Next on the agenda of rad fun was my friend Larry’s birthday party! Larry is a record producer and developer of Reality TV programming who I’ve known for about five years. (Trivia: Larry also lives in the same building as John Waters.) Except for there being way too much reggae on the mix CD, Larry’s party was very fun and gay, but Geoffrey and I were so full of Cuban food that we could barely lift our glasses of over-strong Vodka and Cranberry juice and we snuck out after about two hours. What a fun day!

Happy Gay Pride, Everybody!

Mystique Costume from X Men Movies

Catwoman Costume from Batman Movie

Larry Dvoskin, Grammy Nominated Songwriter, Producer and Creator of American Pride

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