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Pink Thing of The Day: The Men of Vacaya

Vacaya Gang By Gail Worley
Photo By Gail

This past January, I made my first trip to the New York Times Travel Show at the Javits Center, because I am always game for new experiences to bring you on this rad blog. The show was amazing, and it inspired me to consider traveling to all sorts of exotic lands that I had previously never even considered visiting. But for reasons that should not need explaining, I had the most fun visiting the L.G.B.T.Q. Travel Pavilion. It was there that I met the men of Vacaya, which is the only large-scale travel company on earth serving the entire LGBTQIAPK community (IAPK = Intersex, Asexual, Polygamous / Polyamorous, Kink). Vacaya was giving away a Gay Cruise, and since I have the single best story ever about a Gay Cruise (which was told to me a decade ago by my friends Ross and Scott), I had to share the story with them. They all agreed that is was excellent.

Also known as The Vacayans, these handsome guys were so friendly and adorable that I was compelled to snap this fantastic photo of them, smiling and looking awesome in their Pink T Shirts, to capture the moment. I joked that I was going to make them my Pink Thing of the Day, but then I thought ‘why the fuck not, just do it!’  If you were gay, wouldn’t you want  them to help you plan your next vacation? I sure would!

I realize that people may not be booking a lot of travel just at the moment, but, for all of my LGBTQ etc readers, when you are ready to venture out into the world again and want to plan your next adventure, please visit MyVacaya.com, and tell them the Worley Gig sent you.

My Rad Adventure At Flame Con 2019: A Photo Recap!

Superman Loves Batman
Let The Homoeroticism Begin! Art By J Caress Studio (All Photos By Gail)

By Gail Worley

Life in Manhattan is like living at Disneyland, with endless opportunities to immerse yourself in an experience that’s unique to this City. I’m always down for a new adventure, so when my convention-buddy Ken suggested that I try for Press credentials to attend Flame Con — which I had never heard of, but which he described to me as being “the LGBTQ Comic Con” —  obviously, there was no way in Hell I was to going to miss it. Happily, Flame Con organizers approved my badge, and Ken and I made plans to meet up at the Times Square Sheraton on a beautiful Saturday morning, where the convention floor would open to the press one hour before they started letting other attendees in. I am way more of a music geek than a comics geek, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but after about 30 minutes of absorbing the vibe, I arrived at this conclusion: Flame Con fucking rules!

Flame Con Signage

Organized by Geeks OUT, a non-profit that produces LGBTQ events at comic conventions, Flame Con is an annual two-day, multi-genre entertainment and comic convention focused on fans and creators of pop culture who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. That said, Flame Con is the most inclusive event I’ve ever attended — everyone is welcome — and you would have to be dead from the neck up to not have a fantastic time.

Tote Bag With Buttons

Beyond hundreds of artists, authors and assorted exhibitors, Flame Con also features panel discussions and workshops, but this post will focus on the rad exhibitor-floor action, because that’s where we spent most of our time. Now, as Frank N Furter once said, ‘Let me show you around!’

Flame Con Exhibitor Floor

Flame Con is a BFD! Launched in 2015, Flame Con is the first LGBTQ comic convention in New York City, and the largest LGBTQ comic convention in the world. No matter what pop culture passion you favor, you’ll find an insanely diverse selection of exhibitors showcasing LGBTQ-inclusive Comics, Graphic Novel, Anime, Manga, video games, movies, television and more! Most importantly, everyone is at Flame Con to have fun and let their freak flag fly!

Flame Con Fan

Look How Much Fun This Fan is Having?!

Art By Sam Schechter

The exhibitor floor is great place to chat up and expose yourself to the works of amazingly talented pop-culture artists. Since there were so many tables to visit (and we hit each one) the photos I chose for this post depict art that really spoke to me and my personal aesthetics. The above artwork of a teen devil and his cat, which is just fantastic, is by Sam Schechter.

Art By Joseph Giampietro

Wonder Woman is such a bad ass. She totally gets it: Dump sucks! Art by Joseph Giampietro.

Queer as Fuck

Here and Queer, Bitches! GoGetARoomie is a web-comic by French artist Chlove.

Art By Lauren Moran

Kylo Ren; he does that little thing to me, you know? Art by Lauren Moran.


Do you like Hedwig? I sure do. She’s a fucking icon! I wish I had paid closer attention to who made this fantastic portrait of Hedwig as portrayed by actor / playwright John Cameron Mitchell. If you know, please clue me in in the comments!

Hedwig By Kate Brezzy

Here she is again! This Hedwig is by Kate Brezzy.

Steven Universe By Pixel Wayve

Best. Quote. Ever. Drawing of Pearl from Steven Universe by Pixel Wayve Digital Art.

BTS Post Cards By Julia Reck

Gay, Straight, Bi, whatever; everyone loves Androgynous Pretty Boys! These amazing Post Cards of the members of South Korean Boy Band BTS, by Seattle-based artist Julia Reck, were a huge hit.

Marceline Poster

I love this Marceline (The Vampire Queen) Poster that you can find at the Gay Breakfast online store for just $10! What a bargain!

Gay Breakfast

We Are Here Forever

Flame Con is the best place on Earth to get turned-on to new and fun queer fiction in the form of comics, zines, novels and graphic novels. Artist and author Michelle Gish was on the scene, selling and signing copies of her graphic novel We Are Here Forever. Michelle writes a blog of the same name, where she sells her art. I love her illustrative style!

Hot Dog Girl Novel

Being a young adult is hard. Thank god for YA authors like Jennifer Dugan, whose latest novel is Hot Dog Girl. It looks both hilarious and totally relatable. I am old, and yet I want to read it.

Uneaten By Sharks

Uneaten By Sharks by Masha Zhdanaova is a graphic travelogue chronicling the author’s adventures from December 2018 to January 2019. If you’ve ever traveled to an exotic foreign land to stay with relatives that you barely know, this book will speak to you.

Things Ive learned Not to say On Dates

Do you need dating advice? Check out Things I’ve Learned Not to Say On Dates by Liam Donnelly (Sad Gay Boy Comics).

Call Me By Your Name

Don’t Ever Say This.

My Future Murder

Is dark humor your thing? My Future Murder by Stevie Wilson looks like a fun read!

The Cloud By Chad Sell

If you are looking to be uplifted and inspired, you might enjoy The Cloud by Chad Sell, which is a short, all-ages comic about a cute cloud who becomes a super hero. The Cloud was inspired by an afternoon’s walk that Chad took during the summer of 2017. Oh, the cuteness.

If Dinosaurs Were Sexy They Wouldnt be Extinct

Consider this hypothesis: If Dinosaurs Were Sexy They Wouldn’t be Extinct. I’m not sure if this Coloring Book by John Curtis Jennison Jr. is all-age appropriate, but with a title like that who gives a shit?

Diary of a Pink Wig

As a pink-haired lady myself, I am curious to know what Diary of a Pink Wig, by Bianca Xunise, is all about.

Why I Love Nick Cage

Actor Nicolas Cage is one of the most polarizing celebrities on the planet. Just being serious. But whether you love him passionately him or hate him, the Why I Love Nic Cage Activity & Fun Book (by K. Sheldon & Kendra K.) will keep you entertained. This activity book includes coloring, drawing, a maze, a word search and more! Rated not-safe-for-kids due to a hilariously raunchy centerfold! Nic Cage!

Exhibitor Floor

Spider Woman Goes To Japan

This is ‘burlesque goddess’ Agent Wednesday. I wish I had taken her up on her offer to draw me as a naked baby.

Bondage Dolls

Five dollars in exchange for this service, offered by Orcamode, seems like a reasonable price!

Furry Couple

Just a couple of Furries in love!

David Bowie Glam Breakfast Mug

Do you like to shop? I sure do. Flame Con has a ton of insanely cool stuff for sale that make great gifts for friends (or for yourself)! I shopped for three friends’ birthday gifts at one vendor alone! This David Bowie As Ziggy Stardust Coffee Mug is certainly irresistible. Want!

Night Owl Designs Switch Plate

Night Owl Designs sells Switch Plates featuring the likeness of characters and celebrities like Frank N Furter (which is now on the wall in my bathroom), David Bowie, Prince, Freddie Mercury and Divine!

He Man Zip Bag

A rainbow-hued  He Man Zip Bag could hold school supplies, or make up, or whatever you want!

Pink Dog Earrings

You can find all sorts of cool, hand-crafted jewelry like these fun Pink Animal Earrings by Prince Peacock.


Stickers by RVSSIA (@rvvssia).

T Shirt Patabot

Nothing allows you to express your individuality quite like a fun T-Shirt, and Flame Con hosted tons of expressive T-Shirt vendors. I love this Punk Salior Moon shirt by Patabot.

Ask Me About My Ship

One of the most unique T-Shirt concepts I’ve seen is Ask Me About My Ship, by Fox Estacado (aka Art By Fox), which allows you to realize your fantasy relationship (aka ‘Ship) between two fictional characters. The phrase “Ask Me About My Ship” will be visible while the shirt is being worn but, once you are asked, you can lift up the bottom of the shirt slightly, revealing your dream couple.

Stucky Shirt

For example, the Stucky is for fans who ship Steve Rogers’ Captain America and Bucky Barnes’ Winter Soldier (Steve + Bucky = Stucky). So Hot!

Kawaii Cosplayer

At last, we arrive at the Cosplayers, who do so much to make Flame Con extra fun and exciting with their finely-detailed costumes of popular characters, and also their own mash-ups and DIY outfits.

Drag Ghoul

This lady was well over six feet tall, and hard to miss, though I don’t know if she is dressed as a character or just her own Ghoulish Goddess. Update: someone just told me that she is dressed as Sarah Sanderson.


Hot Aladdin.

Freddie Mercury

1976-era Freddie Mercury! Amazing!

Pokemon Jiggly Puff

Pokemon Jiggly Puff takes a time-out to check his social media! It’s necessary!

Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum! My favorite!

Fox and Lobster Woman

Who are these characters? They look great! Thank you for posing for me!


A couple of Transformers Autobots.

Anime Guys

Unknown Anime Characters.

Bat Woman

Bat Woman!

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn — what a cutie!

Mars Attacks

Martian from Mars Attacks!

At the end of the day, we had all kinds of crazy fun, made new friends, and learned a lot at Flame Con! A shout out is owed to Ken for showing me the ropes! Please check out this rad blog at Piercing Metal Dot Com! Special thanks to Michelle at Geeks OUT for the Press Badge action! I can’t wait for next year’s event!

Flame Con 2019 Program

Happy Pride Month, NYC!

Have Some Pride By Royce Bannon
Photos By Gail

NYC has really gone all out for Pride Month and it is so great to see everybody getting into the spirit of love and unity.  With so much inspiring signage and art work popping up everywhere you look, it’s challenging to document even a small fraction of it, but I was walking home from brunch this past Saturday and passed by this storefront mural by Royce Bannon (AKA @Roycer_700), which currently resides on Avenue A near East 3rd Street. It appears to have gone up in the past few weeks specifically in honor of Pride Month and will like stay up as long as it can.

Have Some Pride By Royce Bannon

The Rainbow “Monsters” are Bannon’s signature characters, which he incorporates into much of his public artwork.

Royce Bannon Pride Mural

Happy Pride, Everyone!

Video Clip of The Week: Randy Jones, “Hard Times” ( Studio 54 Mix)

As the past is reinvented to serve present needs, ’70s guitar Rock meets Disco’s irresistible call to shake your booty in this week’s Video Clip: “Hard Times” from Randy Jones — best known as the Cowboy from the legendary Village People. With a beat borrowed from Bruno Mars‘ global hit, “Uptown Funk,” this track about beating the blues is lyrically uplifting at a time when we could all use a little encouragement, and harnessed by a rhythm that is virally contagious. Directed by Mikhail Torich, the accompanying visuals are heavy on the glam, delivering sassy back up singers, buff disco boys, mirror balls and everything you need for an immersive club experience. No parking on the dance floor.

The title track from Randy’s brand new album, “Hard Times” is presented here in its super-groovy Studio 54 Mix (courtesy of Mark Saunders). Hard Times is available wherever fine music is procured. Enjoy!

Geoffrey Dicker Publishes Outrageous First Novel, Journal of Grievances

Geoffrey Dicker Journal of Grievances
Image Courtesy of Geoffrey Dicker

Full Disclosure: If you are an avid fan of Worleygig.com, you are aware that Geoffrey Dicker is my BFF/Partner In Crime, and that we have experienced many, many crazyfun adventures together; most of which are documented with photographic evidence right on this very blog! So, you already know that Geoffrey is one rad dude whose devil-may-care attitude carries over into every facet of his ass-kick in his life. Good for him, I say! Good for everybody!

With that introduction, it is my pleasure to announce the publication of Journal of Grievances, Geoffrey’s latest book and first novel! Warning: this book is recommended for immature audiences only, as it is riddled with ridiculous amounts of adult language and thoroughly twisted situations. Journal of Grievances is a ‘raw and uncensored’ look into the controversial ups and downs (both in and out of the bedroom) of a struggling, single gay male writer living in New York City!

Told through daily journal entries in a year-long approach to turning The Big Four-Oh, the Journal’s protagonist spills his guts with hilarious observations as he waxes philosophically: analyzing his raunchy sex life, drug addictions, debauched relationships, life encounters, and his frustrations with society. With razor-sharp prosaic hooks and brutal honesty, our narrator navigates through relationship drama and job-loss as he struggles to find his place in the world. Or maybe not.

Geoffrey suggests that if you are easily offended by profanity or graphic depictions of gay sex, please do not buy this book. Alternately, he advises the reader to flip to any page and promises that within 2 sentences, he or she will be laughing. “I’d like to think of this book as a gay loner version of Sex and the City meets Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Catcher in the Rye — in other words, it’s completely fucked up!”  Journal of Grievances is an unconventional coming-of-age story with no filters and absolutely zero fucks given!  The supporting characters in the story remain nameless, because what matters is how their words and actions affect our anti-hero. “Despite the story containing generous helpings of extreme gay sex,” Dicker continues, “I think the anyone – straight or gay –  will be able to relate to the situations and moral dilemmas in which the main character often finds himself.”

“I’ve read so many books that never teach me anything new, make me think differently, or, at the very least, make me smile, Dicker continues. Journal of Grievances will bring each of these experiences to the reader, hopefully repeatedly. There are 11 months of daily journal entries, and one month’s entries made up of random ideas; including a short story told almost exclusively via use of the F-word.” Ant any rate, he promises, “You’ll never be the same again, after reading Journal of Grievances!”

Journal of Grievances is Released Today, September 20th, 2016, and is Available to Purchase From Amazon at This Link!

Happy NYC Pride 2016!

Rainbow MSG

Rainbow Madison Square Garden Photographed by Me on Saturday, June 25th at 10:00 PM

Recommended Viewing: Naz & Maalik

Naz and Maalik Movie Poster
Curtiss Cook Jr. and Kerwin Johnson Jr. Star in Naz & Maalik (All Images Courtesy of Wolfe Video)

One day in the life of a pair of Brooklyn teenagers moves beyond their typical routine to mark an emotional turning point in the lives of the two best friends in Naz & Maalik; an engaging new film from screenwriter/director Jay Dockendorf. The film’s dynamic script is based on a first-person account from one of Dockendorf’s former neighbors; a gay Muslim man who revealed his own experience as a teenager living in Brooklyn, at a time when the NYPD and FBI were spying on Muslims across the country. In Bed-Stuy (Bedford Stuyvesant, a heavily African American neighborhood of Brooklyn) in particular, COPs would infiltrate mosques with undercover agents, coerce civilians arrested for petty crimes into becoming informants and conduct door-to-door interviews with Muslim citizens in front of their homes. The overbearing presence of the police created a charged environment, and a similar atmosphere of consistent tension infiltrates this bittersweet coming-of-age story that is expertly directed and acted.

Naz and Maalik Screen Shot

Portrayed by Curtiss Cook Jr. (Maalik) and Kerwin Johnson Jr. (Naz), two young actors both making their feature film debut in these roles, Naz and Maalik spend their days together, earning cash by selling Lotto tickets, Saint cards, candy and scented oils on the streets of their neighborhood, as well as while riding the subway lines. Their faith is also made evident, as they make a stop at a local mosque during their day to pray with the faithful. Their bond of friendship is fast and tight, and, as we learn early on, their relationship has only just taken a romantic turn — something that Naz is way more comfortable with than Maalik. As devout Muslims, their love is forbidden, and it doesn’t help that Maalik’s bratty younger sister has already threatened to “out” the couple to their parents. As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough.

And then there’s the matter of that FBI agents that starts following the boys’ every move…

Naz and Maalik In Park2

As their story unfolds naturally, Naz & Maalik takes on many hot-button issues — racial profiling, religion, sexuality — as the streets and subway trains of Brooklyn advance the backstory of just who these kids are without a need for superfluous narrative dialogue. In fact, to suggest that Brooklyn is also a main character in the film is not out of line.

Naz and Maalik Park

Naz & Maalik isn’t so much a film about easy resolution as it is about tackling life’s curve balls and trying to stay true to yourself and your beliefs while also embracing the uncertainty of new love. Naz and Maalik are extremely likable characters and their story is both straightforward and nuanced, and highly engaging overall. The film’s original score, also written by Dockendorf is also fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about this film.

Grade: A

After Debuting at NYC’s Cinema Village, Naz & Maalik is currently available via Wolfe on DVD and Video On Demand.

Naz and Maalik on Street

Peter Berlin, Wanted at ClampArt

Peter Berlin Shirtless
Photos By Gail

ClampArt Gallery is currently hosting an exhibit of homo-erotic self-portraits from the ’70s and ’80s by the infamous gay icon, Peter Berlin. The reason there are only two photos in this post is because these were two of the few in which Berlin’s very impressive junk is not fully on display.  Here is a bit of background on the photographer and model: in his 20s, Berlin worked as a celebrity portraitist for German television. Around this time, that he  began designing and sewing his own skin-tight clothing, which he would wear as he cruised the parks and train stations in Berlin, Rome, Paris, New York, and San Francisco.

Self Portrait in Black Leather
Self Portrait in Black Leather

After several long-term stays on the East Coast, Peter Berlin eventually moved to San Francisco in 1969, and became a fixture on the  streets with his signature look. He soon began producing films and starred in the now iconic Nights in Black Leather (1973), co-directed by Richard Abel. Berlin then produced, directed, and starred in That Boy the following year, and made four shorter films through the mid- to late-1970s, while publishing and selling his photographic self portraits. Peter Berlin was the subject of several Robert Mapplethorpe photographs, three drawings by Tom of Finland, and at least one portrait by Andy Warhol, attesting to his worldwide celebrity.

Still alive and well at age 73, Berlin was truly a vision to behold in his youth. If homoeroticism in your thing, don’t miss this exhibit. Alternatively if you are  into leather and the work it goes there will be a few big leather critics there, they review the top industrial sewing machines that can also be used to sew leather.

Peter Berlin’s Wanted will be on Exhibit Through October 10th, 2015 at ClampArt, Located at 531 West 25th Street, Ground Floor, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Peter Berlin Signage

Christian’s Heroes Coloring Book

Christian's Heroes Coloring Book Cover
All Photos By Gail

It may have been as long ago as last summer that I met Christian, as he set up a table near the corner of 10th Avenue and 23rd Street in the Chelsea Gallery Distinct to hand out his amazing coloring /activity books that he makes himself.

Andy Warhol

On each of the book’s pages you will find an icon of the art, fashion or music world along with a famous original quote of theirs. Here is Andy Warhol, my favorite artist ever in the Universe of all time, also accompanied by my favorite quote of his, “Art is What you Can Get Away With.” That is so true.

Freddie and Grace

Here we see Freddie Mercury and Grace Jones (as seen on the cover of her legendary CD, Island Life).

Elton John

Elton John, I love him!


I can feel Bjork on this quote, because people asked me the same thing when I got home from an Alaskan Cruise. Really people? Eskimos? It was cruise, not an anthropological expedition!

Andre Leon Talley

Andre Leon Talley is an eccentric fashion mogul who sometimes gets himself into trouble, because he has a very sassy mouth!

Andy Maze

There are alossome fun games and activity pages in the book, such as this cool maze to help Andy Warhol find funding for his art, or something like that!

Karl Lagerfeld Connect the Dots

Also, you can connect-the-dots to draw designer Karl Lagerfeld. So fun!

Find out more about Christian and see how he has colored and decorated some of these pages himself on his Facebook page, Christian Loves Sparkle!