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Dress Up My Lindsay By Marika Thunder at Public Access Gallery

dress up my lindsay photo by gail worley
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Long-haul New Yorker’s (and East Villagers like me, especially) constantly bemoan the fact that Manhattan is becoming increasingly gentrified. The innumerable local-business closures caused by the pandemic have only exacerbated the loss of historical identity in an area that was once arguably the coolest neighborhood in NYC.  When the legendary Rock & Roll boutique Trash & Vaudeville was forced to relocate from St. Mark’s Place after four decades in the same location, it really felt like nothing is sacred. It is a small conciliation then that a new contemporary art gallery, Public Access, opened this past September in the downstairs storefront  formerly occupied by Trash. I recently had the chance to check out the gallery’s current exhibit, a solo show of paintings by artist Marika Thunder entitled Dress Up My Lindsay. The series has an interesting autobiographical backstory for the painter.

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Net Worth of Celebrities: Secret Tricks That Wealthy Stars Use To Save Tax Dollars

Net Worth of Celebrities: Smart <a href=Citrus loans Tricks That LeBron and Other Stars Use To Save Cash” width=”600″ border=”0″ />
Courtesy of: financesonline.com

As an aside, that story about Adelson donating millions of dollars to the failed Romney campaign never stops being hilarious. 

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