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Evolution of The Limelight: Former Church-Turned-Nightclub Becomes a Shopping Mall for Urban Douche Bags

Architect’s Rendering of The New Limelight Mall

Hey, remember back in the day when all the cool rock hipsters used hang out at The Limelight – the pseudo Goth nightclub-slash-den of iniquity located in an abandoned church – to dance to awesome music, take crazy drugs, have anonymous sex in the bathroom and plan grisly murders (see Michael Alig)? I sure do.  My favorite night to visit The Limelight used to be Sunday, when they had “Rock & Roll Church” and I always got in for free because I knew the right people.Good times.

The original Limelight was shuttered years ago when its former owner, Peter Gatien, was busted for drugs, or tax evasion, or something. For a while it reopened as a lame, bridge-and-tunnel-crowd attracting concert venue that reminded me of a bowling alley. But soon,it closed again, because no one could stand to know the shame of seeing the once-mighty Limelight reduced to a shadow of its former dark and glorious self. Well, tomorrow (Friday May 7th) the church located at Sixth Avenue and 20th Street opens once again to foot traffic and commercial activity as the Limelight Marketplace. Yes, they have turned The Limelight into a fucking mall. Learn more about what surely signals the End of Days at this link.

Former Dance Floor Becomes a “Shopper’s Paradise.” Ugh.